Making life easier: that’s what Renson is focusing on as a sun protection specialist with its new complete Fixscreen Minimal range. No more ad hoc solutions using cylinders or other additional pieces: ease of installation now comes first thanks to the addition of new brackets, side guiding channels and other items to our range. Support is now also available for combination solutions for curtain walls and minimalist windows, based on approved drawings generated in partnership with high-end brands such as Vitrocsa, SkyFrame, PanoramaH, and Reynaers.

All that makes Renson the ultimate partner to help you find solutions to get windproof sun protection fabric installed quickly and effectively on any type of window. With the new Fixscreen Minimal range, you’ve got all the tools at hand to do exactly that, from brackets to a new range of side guiding channels for minimalist windows. On top of that, you can now find out exactly which side guiding channel you need as an installer in just a few simple steps, using the overview table in the new B2B brochure for Fixscreen Minimal MS7 or via the Renson Professional Portal online.

Following the latest addition to the Fixscreen range in the form of a Large Curtain Wall 50 version, windproof sun protection fabric is now available for curtain wall up to 6 m tall. This Fixscreen is suitable for both standard curtain walls and combined solutions with the Reynaers ConceptWall 50.

All that makes Renson the technical expert you want by your side to avoid every installation costing you endless amounts of time due to having to find a custom solution to match sun protection fabric to any type of window. Technical drawings, specification sheets and all the accessories you need make this a thing of the past, and enable you to complete your installations in much better time. But that’s not all: Renson has actually made life easier for the entire construction chain with this solution. That’s because architects can simply copy the combination drawings, without any complex puzzles or conundrums to solve, and with guaranteed success.

Fixscreen Minimal Curtain Wall 50 x Reynaers Aluminium ConceptWall 50

The need to avoid overheating—especially with large glass curtain wall surfaces—was the trigger for Renson to work with Reynaers Aluminium to look for the ultimate product combination of curtain walls and sun protection fabric. These two Belgian businesses joined forces on the Reynaers Aluminium ConceptWall 50 and the Renson Fixscreen Minimal Curtain Wall 50. The result is a thoroughly tested Belgian total solution that relieves all parties in the construction process.

The combination of both forms of innovation results in an aesthetic total curtain wall solution that is easy to install without losing an eye for detail. They come together seamlessly due to the perfect alignment of the curtain wall as well as the sun protection fabric profile detailing. Taking care of the finishing is simple with the preferred Reynaers ConceptWall 50 cover profile.

This joint development also limits the total number of required profiles to just three pieces instead of 5: the cover profile and basic cover profile strip from Reynaers Aluminium and the Renson coupling side guiding channel. In terms of wind resistance, this combination also retains the Fixscreen Minimal’s wind guarantee of up to 130 km/h. What’s more, this total solution is quick and easy to install. The three profiles mean there is not only less screw work, but as an installer you also no longer have to look for a suitable solution per project.

Aero Louvered Roof

For existing or new constructions Renson Aero is the seamless built-in louvered roof par excellence.

The roof structure with rotatable louvres becomes one with the house so that the architectural picture is 100% correct. Drainage, wiring, fixings and anchors can be concealed invisibly in these roof structures, tailor-made to the millimetre. Aero is available in three variants: as a standard louvered roof (Aero), fixed roof finished at the bottom with canvas (Aero Canvas) or fully retractable louvered roof (Aero Skye).


The Aero’s rotatable louvres allow you to determine the ideal incidence of light and ventilation on the terrace. The roof structure becomes one with the house, thanks to a minimal design that fits into any style of existing or new construction, from steel profiles over concrete beams to a wooden framework. Linkable up to 6-by-6 meters. Rain and wind sensor, translucent or fixed louvres, heating, audio, and LED lighting are optionally available.

Aero Canvas

A minimalist customized roof structure, with a solid upper roof and aesthetic canvas as a stylish finish at the bottom, that’s the Aero Canvas. The fixed roof consists of two layers: a sturdy upper roof made of lacquered profiled steel sheet with anti-condensation coating and an aesthetic lower roof finished with tensioned fabric with zip technology, known from the Fixscreen solar shading. The fabric is tightly stretched in the structure, with no visible intermediate beams. Roof and fabric color can be chosen. Stylish LED lighting on the roof frame adds extra atmosphere.

Aero Skye

As a built-in module with rotatable and retractable louvres, Aero Skye can be perfectly integrated in any structure. The patented S-drive rotating and sliding technology that Renson developed especially for this terrace roof ensures that the louvres rotate, open and close in a reliable and durable manner. Aero Skye is available with options such as rain sensor, wood design (natural oak, walnut or white oak) louvres, heating and audio or mood lighting in the roof frame.