Flex Trim

With more than two decades of experience, Flex Trim is the largest manufacturer of flexible moulding in the country. [Photo: Courtesy of Flex Trim]

Available in thousands of variations, this polyurethane flexible moulding makes builders’ lives easier.

When you work with Flex Trim, you know you’ll get the look you want—and for less. Flex Trim—part of a super group of flexible moulding companies that includes Carter Millwork and Ultra-Flex Moulding—leads the industry with architectural flexible moulding that’s reliable, cost effective, and easily customized, not to mention has a lifetime warranty.

Need moulding for a multimillion dollar house or commercial project with beautiful curved walls or intricate ovals on the ceiling? No problem. Flex Trim’s customers know they can use wood for a wall’s straight portions and turn to the experts for the challenging curved sections.

“Send us the wood and we can make a mold that will replicate the original profile exactly, including the grain of the wood,” says Greg Carter, second-generation owner of Carter Millwork, now the parent company of Flex Trim. A two-person company in 1996, Carter Millwork quickly became the largest flexible moulding manufacturer in the U.S., with 50,000 profiles and counting. The company transforms everything from expensive homes to historic churches simply by pouring its polyurethane composite in the perfect molds, which pick up the original grains of the wood. “If someone sends us wood with oak grain, our pieces will also look like oak.”

Flex Trim

Curved entryways are no challenge for Flex Trim’s flexible moulding. [Photo: Courtesy of Flex Trim]


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Made to Match

With 50,000 variations of mouldings, five to 10 new mouldings each day, and unbeatable custom capability, you can match any moulding profile you desire. If you can’t find what you need in the catalog, just ask. It’s this ability that led the company to replicate intricate century-old mouldings for the Turkish Embassy in D.C. “Super intricate patterns, if you make them out of wood it’s ungodly difficult, but for us it’s just copying the original and pouring it into the mold.”

Aesthetically Pleasing

The molds pick up the original grain of the wood, so you can stain or paint it just like you would otherwise. It cuts like wood, too.

Flex Trim

Flex trim’s adaptability means they contour easily to curves and sharp angles. [Photo: Courtesy of Flex Trim]

Stands the Test of Time

Because it’s made of a polyurethane composite, you get a strong, durable product. Enjoy the beauty of wood without the risks of rotting, swelling, or deteriorating. It’s ideal for indoors and out.


Fit these architectural mouldings to almost any radius to achieve beautiful curves. Rest easy as, unlike wood, you have some wiggle room. “Wood doesn’t bend, so if you’re a quarter-inch off, it’s not going to work, whereas our material will flex in and out.”

Flex Trim

Unlike wood, polyurethane moulding allows for complex shapes and designs without cost- or labor-intensiveness. [Photo: Courtesy of Flex Trim]


Flexible moulding is cheaper and quicker to produce than comparable radius wood moulding, costing generally 70% less than machined wood millwork.

Get It Fast

“Radius wood millwork is difficult to make. The lead time for our product is significantly less.” Flex Trim’s standard production lead time is one week, depending on an order’s complexity.

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