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Doug Bixel

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Brian Whitmore
President and CEO
BCA Architects

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Brad Jacobson

"Nothing is more immediately impactful when it comes to climate change solutions than avoiding upfront, embodied carbon emissions of new structures by adapting older structures for new uses."

Learn more: An Architect’s Guide to Climate Change Solutions

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Curtis Fentress
Founder and Principal in Charge of Design
Fentress Architects

"To create inherently sustainable designs that encourage people to think more deeply about the environment, architects must form a bond between individuals, the community, and the building."

Learn more: How to Design for People and the Environment

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Dianne Dunnell
Associate Partner and Director of Interior Design
Margulies Perruzzi 

"Should we be specifying anti-microbial on all surfaces to protect against COVID-19 and bacteria? No. At the end of the day, we are looking to implement best cleaning practices and interior products to reduce the spread of infection."

Learn more: Is Anti-Microbial Design Worth It?

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Frank Brandenburg
Business Director, Architectural Fabrics
Shelter-Rite Architectural Fabrics by Seaman Corporation

"It takes less raw materials and less energy consumption to produce architectural fabrics and deliver them to the building site. These architectural fabrics will last 20-plus years, so you get a long-life with low mass and energy consumption."

Learn more: 6 Benefits of Architectural Fabric Structures

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Steve Marziale
Structural Engineer

"Products that carry a Declare Label provide you with the transparency necessary to make informed decisions on what makes sense for the project and how it can help you achieve certain sustainability benchmarks."

Learn more: How Declare Labels Help Determine a 
Product’s Sustainability Credentials



Tim Seims
Market Segment Manager

“Fiber cement is composed of high recycled content, at least the way we make it,” Seims says. Nichiha’s wet manufacturing process uses a slurry of cement, sand, wood fibers, and fly ash, a post-industrial waste product that would otherwise end up in landfills.”

Learn more: An Expert’s Guide to High-Performance Siding

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Steve Booz
Vice President of Marketing
Royal Building Products

"In terms of total environmental impact, vinyl outperforms almost all other common cladding materials, including fiber cement and brick."

Learn more: How Vinyl Siding Combines Exterior Design and Sustainability

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Jon Heyesen
Vice President, Business Development 
Arbor Wood Co.

"By modifying and milling a finished product in the US, domestic production of thermally modified wood lowers the carbon footprint and opens up new choices to architects and designers."

Learn more: How Thermally Modified Wood Brings Timber to the Forefront of Sustainable Design

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Avery Chua
dasso USA

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Jason Todd
Market Development and Building Science Manager
US Greenfiber

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Greg Austin and Xia Cao
Global Product Director, Specialty Building Materials and Principal Scientist
GCP Applied Technologies

Advancements in waterproofing have enabled the rapid growth of shotcrete usage in traditional structural applications.”

Learn more: How Waterproofing Can Boost Shotcrete Use in Underground Construction

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Nathan Schellenberg
Vice President of Construction
Geneva Rock

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Brian Arbogast and Daric Hess
Principal and Healthcare Practice Director

"Despite [healthcare] being one of the most forward-thinking, resilient verticals in the market today, urgent new challenges require new solutions. Doubling down on resiliency is part of the answer."

Learn more: 3 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed Healthcare Resilience

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Dario Lamberti
General Manager, Engineered Films Division
ISI Building Products

"Proper selection and installation of a high-quality under-slab moisture barrier will result in a successful finished flooring system and provide you with long-term security and comfort."

Learn more: The Best Moisture Barrier for Protecting Concrete Slabs and Floors

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Wil Younger
Marketing Manager

"In [training] facilities, even if you aren't dropping a bar, you will probably be setting a large amount of weight on your floor repeatedly, and a heavy weight will eventually start to damage any floor. The best way to protect your subfloor from damage is to invest in commercial fitness flooring systems."

Learn more: Why Rubber Gym Flooring is Key to Any Training Facility

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Ann Dougherty
General Manager of Sustainability

“When it comes to building the best spaces, everything in the interior has to be about the people. It’s about making comfortable spaces—from underfoot comfort to acoustics, especially in large high-traffic areas like hospitals and schools, where a strong material is  a must for repeated use.”

Learn more: How is Rubber Flooring Sustainable?

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Janine Masiewicz
Marketing Manager

"Multi-functional furniture instantly provides flexibility and the opportunity to both create and save space."

Learn more: How Does Multi-Functional Furniture Enhance Design?

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Malcolm Kay

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Michael O’Rourke
National Sales Manager

“Radiant systems come in many shapes and forms can be adaptable to many types of buildings, as well as the desires and visions of the design team.”

Learn more: Can Radiant Systems Heat and Cool Commercial Projects? 

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Chuck Hughes
Director, Commercial HVAC Sales
LG Air Conditioning Technologies

“The big difference between traditional AC systems in the U.S. and a VRF is simply that the VRF is far more technologically advanced. It’s like the difference between a computer in the 1980s and a computer in 2016.”

Learn more: Inside VRF HVAC Systems

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Kevin Chase
Global Product Manager

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Marti Hoffer

"Daylighting design is more than just using natural light—it’s the creation of a sustainable lighting system that delivers continually on the promise of the design intent for the building and its occupants."

Learn more: The Daylighting Design Road Map You Never Knew You Needed

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Joss Hudson
Founder and CEO

“People are looking for an alternative to wood and other traditional building materials for a variety of reasons, and we can offer that with steel.”

Learn more: An Expert’s Guide To Building Solutions: Why Choose Steel?

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Blair Groening
Head Engineer

"Biomass hydronic furnaces are similar to conventional gas, oil, or electric boilers ... but instead of using nonrenewable energies to produce the heat, they combust sustainable biomass products like wood chips or pellets."

Learn more: Are Biomass Hydronic Furnaces the Future of Temporary Heat?


Ron Partridge and Erin Neff
Senior Account Manager, Technical Polymers Business and Director of Marketing and Business Development
APV Engineered Coatings

“One of the primary purposes of exterior architectural coatings is to protect a building's substrate from weathering. A key indicator of this protection is maintenance of the original film thickness.”

Learn more: The Best High-Performance Coatings for Exterior Restorations

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Mosby Lawrence
Waterproofing Manager

“Clients can spend a great deal of money for traffic systems, but they are sustainable and meet strict VOC standards. If a client maintains them, you can simple re-apply the coating over it, so there is no need to replace them.” 

Learn more: The Ultimate Guide to Traffic Coatings

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Michael Sage
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Bradford Products

"Not only does it look beautiful, but stainless steel is also designed to perform for decades in challenging environmental and operational conditions."

Learn more: Elevated Aquatics: Why Stainless Steel is Ideal for Above-Ground Pools and Spas

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Aaron Kivett
Solutions Consultant

“By providing normalized, repeatable processes, you’re reducing your company’s risk. Staff should have an easy way to file emails and create complete records of decisions made on a project. Newforma has found a way to do that almost automatically—by indexing project-related emails and relating them back to project files and previous correspondence.”

Learn more: Ask the Expert: How Can I Reduce Project Risks?

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Dustin Anderson
Vice President of Sage Construction and Real Estate

"BIM can help eliminate a range of issues that plague contractors, such as cost, schedule, constructability, and rework. It also facilitates collaboration with your entire project team so you can do more work faster."

Learn more: How Building Information Modeling Can Improve a Project

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John Robinson
Education, Waterproofing, and Healthcare Facilities Specialist
Sika Sarnafil

“A traditional exposed roof might only last 15 to 20 years, whereas a protected, covered, vegetative system could last in excess of 50 years. It is important that you have policy and code officials that are educated on green roof systems and any storm water credits or other grants that may be available to someone constructing a green roof.”

Learn more: An Expert’s Guide to Green Roofs

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Brian Fritz
Vice President of Business Development

"The key advantages of vertical pivot gates are their speed to process vehicles, reduced areas pedestrians can be injured, reduced issues with problematic functionality, increased security features, and certainly lower cost of ownership."

Learn more: Why Should I Consider a Vertical Pivot Gate?

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Tyson McDonald
Director of Business Development, Motorized Solar
Draper, Inc.

"Although some see shade motorization as a luxury upgrade, it is an important tool to increase the efficiency of the shading system and its impact on building performance."

Learn more: How Motorized Roller Shades Maximize Building Performance


Robert Hemmerdinger
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Delta Controls

"It’s only the most recent advancements in technology that make it possible for touchless spaces to exist. In a touchless office, the separate networks that control lighting and access control disappear."

Learn more: Why Touchless Technology is Key in a Post-COVID World

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Rob Wehr
Vice President, Business Development and National Accounts

"Terra-cotta is green, recyclable, sustainable, durable, low maintenance, and fire-resistant—not to mention that it has had proven success for thousands of years."

Learn more: A Guide to Architectural Terra-Cotta Tile

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Philipe Aldahir
Director of Innovation and Research
Shaw Sports Turf

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Michael Bousfield
Technical Director
Cascadia Windows & Doors

"Fiberglass windows offer an avenue to deliver highly livable, durable homes and commercial buildings, while at the same time improving the building’s energy efficiency and overall environmental impact."

Learn more: How Fiberglass Windows Improve Building Performance

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Colin Blackford
Director of Strategy & Innovation

“Selecting the right windows is an important step in designing an energy-efficient building. But windows alone won’t create an exterior facade solution. To ensure optimal thermal performance, you also need to consider how your shade solution works together with the windows.” – gb&d

Learn more: Ask the Expert: How do shade fabrics affect thermal performance?

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Ty Cranford
Architectural Sales Director
Western Window Systems

“Natural light makes a space more enjoyable to be in. Historically a bigger window meant more temperature transfer from the outside in and reverse, but that isn’t an issue with the technology we have today. We can bring the outside in while keeping temperatures separate.”

Learn more: How Can Windows Really Transform a Living Space?

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Steve Schohan
Marketing and Communications Manager
YKK AP America

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