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Arktura makes design happen. For over a decade Arktura has been at the forefront of architectural design and fabrication, delivering groundbreaking, award-winning products and custom projects, working in collaboration with architects and interior designers around the world.

Creativity, expert knowledge, and cutting-edge technology shape everything we do—from our beginnings in furniture, to our range of flexible architectural products and customizable systems, to our fully custom Solutions Studio® projects. Think of us as the fabricators of possibility.





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Ricardo Ortiz

Ricardo Ortiz is Arktura’s brand experience, copywriter, and communications Lead since 2021. Creating written and promotional copy allows the creativity of Arktura products to be front and center in all communications. Ortiz loves being able to tell a story for each product with innovative and emotional language that informs but also moves audiences to establish a connection with Arktura. 

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Omar Ramirez

Omar Ramirez is the director of marketing at Arktura. Part of Arktura since 2016, Ramirez oversees all aspects related to the promotion and public relations of products and services. Aside from developing a diverse marketing team across the US and Argentina, he appreciates cross-functional collaboration and bringing innovative products and solutions to the market. With a focus on simplifying the complex, he keeps Arktura’s multidisciplinary team engaged and growing by keeping abreast of evolutions in media and technology. In his free time, Ramirez sources design inspiration from unexpected sources, enjoys trivia and adventures with his wife and pet dog.

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Keith Berry

Keith Berry is the director of project management at Arktura. Since joining the team in 2014 Berry has participated in developing architectural standards, managed some of Arktura’s most noteworthy projects, and in more recent years, helped grow Arktura’s Standard Product Systems to where they are today.

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Patricia Hoffman

Patricia Hoffman is the vice president of sales, marketing, and technology at Arktura. After many years as an independent representative of Arktura, she joined the company in 2019 on the sales management team with a focus on process development and customer experience. She now focuses on creating unique designs attainable through collaboration with her peers and understanding of manufacturing capability to drive design in the right direction. You can find her SCUBA diving and hiking when out of the office, all while capturing these moments on her camera. 

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Eric Lee Lopez

Eric Lee Lopez is Arktura’s systems development coordinator, part of the product development team. Joining Arktura in 2014, he now focuses on solving everyday challenges and troubleshooting problems with new products in development. Lopez oversees a team responsible for documentation and models for Arktura’s standard products and serves as a resource for account managers and sales representatives.

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Majeda Alhinai

Majeda Alhinai is a solutions studio designer, part of the sales team. Alhinai loves being a part of a creative and innovative environment at Arktura. She enjoys the challenges that come with custom designs, which are the most satisfying to overcome, especially when it requires creative direction.

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Rich Gesteland

Rich Gesteland is Arktura’s senior sales director. Starting as an independent sales rep around the time of the company’s founding in 2008, he officially joined the Arktura family in 2017. Overseeing Arktura’s sales and strategy, he enjoys bringing Arktura’s design and quality aesthetic to the architectural world while keeping the quality of our customer service on pace with the company’s tremendous growth. Gesteland has lived and worked on six continents and speaks four languages (each, he says, more poorly than the next).

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Steven Ranta

Steven Ranta is a project manager and solutions studio development specialist, part of the architecture team at Arktura. Joining us in 2018, Santa has managed a diverse list of projects and helps architects find solutions and bring their designs to life. His favorite aspect of working with us is expanding his knowledge of fabrication solutions and collaborating with a diverse team of talented individuals.

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Eric Blumberg

Eric Blumberg is Arktura’s vice president of design and project management. Initially Blumberg teamed up with Arktura in August 2015 as a senior project manager at a time of rapid company growth. Prior to joining Arktura he managed large-scale, custom projects in the overlapping fields of exhibit design, architecture, and fine art fabrication. With his diverse creative background, he brings 25+ years of design and project management expertise to Arktura and AWI. In addition to other professional certificates, Eric holds a BFA from the Art Center College of Design.

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Guido Sauer

Guido Sauer is a solutions studio estimation manager, part of the sales team at Arktura. Sauer takes the complex and impossible details and redesigns and mitigates risks and concerns for manufacturable components with our current capabilities. He enjoys working on diverse and challenging projects, from visualizing great ideas to transforming them into manufacturable systems.

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Terren Lin

Terren Lin is the video production manager, part of Arktura’s marketing team. Overseeing video content creation for new products, he loves visualizing Arktura products that do not yet exist on the market. The team creates a plethora of collateral from scratch so that customers can easily envision the product in their project. Lin says releasing Arktura’s work to the world is both the scariest and most satisfying part of the process.

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Kellan Shanahan

Kellan Shanahan is a computational designer on Arktura’s Standard Product and Systems Development team. Joining the company in 2022, Shanahan applies his experience solving unique fabrication problems in the public and fine art world toward finding novel solutions for architectural systems. Leveraging an understanding of physical fabrication, computational tools and strategies, and creative experience, he is helping to expand design reach, efficiency, and capability across Arktura’s product systems.

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