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Greenfiber is committed to offering insulation that does more than regulate temperature—it brings peace, quiet, and comfort to a house while supporting the health and well-being of those who call it a home.

From home attics to agricultural buildings, Greenfiber is the energy-saving, foolproof, smart insulation choice. Greenfiber cellulose insulation outperforms other insulations, keeping homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Plus, it’s better for you and the environment. The good news is, green goes with everything.


Building Materials


Jason Todd

Jason Todd’s interest in wellness built into walls evolved from his role in market development and building science for Greenfiber but also during his time as a contractor, insulation installer, trainer, and educator. His past work in energy assessments, improvements, and energy program management in both the residential and commercial space solidified his understanding of the science behind well-built assemblies and that the spaces we create are nothing without the people that occupy them.

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