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lumenomics is a human-centric, natural lighting company designing, installing, and servicing integrated performance illumination systems for commercial buildings. At lumenomics, we help increase the comfort, productivity, and happiness occupants experience in designed spaces through illumination. We utilize smart technology connecting motorized window covering systems, tubular daylighting systems, and connected lighting systems through user-friendly controls so owners and facilities managers can easily manage their buildings’ energy efficiency and maximize the use of natural light.



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Marti Hoffer

As the Founder of lumenomics Marti Hoffer has 25-plus years of experience in the daylighting, lighting, and window treatment industries. Marti founded lumenomics in 2009 with a singular vision to maximize the use of natural light in design spaces. Through lumenomics, Marti has implemented sustainable lighting designs that start with natural light and occupant’s health and wellness first. Marti developed this Daylighting Roadmap to guide owners, designers, and builders on their daylighting journey.

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