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Seaman Corporation, manufactures Shelter-Rite® Architectural Fabrics. A vertically integrated company, Seaman
Corporation develops proprietary formulations, knits, weaves, and coats fabric in two US–based plants.

Seaman Corporation’s leadership in the architectural fabrics market dates back to the mid-1950s. Shelter-Rite Architectural Fabrics have been the material of choice of architects, designers, and fabricators for commercial and military projects in the US and throughout the world.


Architectural Fabrics


Frank Bradenburg

An industry leader in sustainable architecture, Brad Jacobson, AIA, LEED APBD+C , is skilled at synthesizing perspectives to craft technically rigorous, high-performance solutions that are energy-efficient and create occupant satisfaction. Brad is leading the way in designing carbon neutral projects starting with today’s all-electric, Net Zero energy buildings. He spearheads mixed-use office developments, including the Net Zero Energy and LEED Platinum certified headquarters for The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, which was named a National AIA COTE Top Ten Green Building.

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