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With over 50 years of innovation and experience, Tivoli, LLC operates in accordance with California laws, continues to lead the linear lighting industry. As LED technology advances, our award-winning architectural and theater LED-based products continue to improve in appearance, quality, performance, and energy-saving advantages. Our loyal team of 60+ employees strives to incorporate innovation, color quality, and life longevity into every product we manufacture and engineer.




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Robert Pullman

Robert Pullman is a lighting industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in every aspect of the lighting industry from live broadcast, film, special events, music, and theatre to commercial and architectural. With his roots firmly in New York theater, Pullman has a deep appreciation for the dramatic, an excellent understanding of DMX, and a passion for design innovation. This experience serves Tivoli Lighting as a manufacturer with 55 years in the business bridge into the future of RGBW LED technology and complex control systems.

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