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Transwall manufactures and installs demountable wall systems and partners with clients ranging from corporate headquarters, private offices, universities, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and retail spaces.

Having been in operation since the 1960s, Transwall has had the opportunity to grow and refine not only its product lines, but also its approach to customer service. Transwall is dedicated towards developing innovative wall products and successfully competes with divisions of larger furniture companies, many of which are non-domestic. Transwall is rare as one of the few American-based companies specializing in wall products.


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Marc Valois

Marc Valois, executive vice president and principal of Transwall, brings years of expertise and a dynamic point of view to the world of glass office fronts. Always looking to what’s next, Marc’s vision has helped to grow Transwall into one of the leading manufacturers of glass partitions and demising walls. Focusing on design, custom solutions, and client relationships has been key to the Transwall business model and ultimately its success.

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