Story at a glance:

  • Acclaimed architects Yoshiko Mori and Olson Kundig are among those featured in a new book called Martha’s Vineyard: New Island Homes.
  • The pages of The Garden Book explore some of the most inspiring garden designs all over the globe.

From modern gardens and innovative landscape architecture to inspiring island homes and Rocky Mountain getaways, these are some new and upcoming sustainable architecture books we love. Explore some of our favorite latest green architecture books and other titles below.

1. Contemporary Gardens of the Hamptons

sustainable architecture books 2021

Front cover of Contemporary Gardens of the Hamptons. Photo courtesy of Monacelli

This book showcases the beautiful projects of LaGuardia Design Group (LDG), who primarily focuses on landscape architecture and residential design along the Hamptons.

With material covering 30 years, LDG is known for its environmental accomplishments and historical design components.

Contemporary Gardens of the Hamptons highlights minimalist hardscapes alongside native plantings.

$50, Hardcover, Monacelli Press, April 2021

2. Envisioning Landscapes
: The Transformative Environments of OJB

sustainable architecture books 2021

Front cover of Envisioning Landscapes. Photo courtesy of Monacelli

Envisioning Landscapes: The Transformative Environments of OJB includes work from the Houston-based architecture firm OJB, who specializes in the metamorphosis of the landscape.

Incorporating 15 case studies, this book presents examples of restorative design and revitalized communities.

This title also explores OJB’s philosophy of large-scale urban landscapes.

$50, Hardcover, Monacelli Press, July 20, 2021

3. The Garden Book

green homes and gardens books 2021

Exterior of The Garden Book. Photo courtesy of Phaidon Press

Phaidon has revised and updated its alphabetical title of world-class gardeners and landscapers in the pages of its new compelling title, The Garden Book.

Be inspired by the numerous designs, from the first religious gardens to Dan Pearson’s heavenly new Tokachi garden in Japan.

520 pages, $59.95, Phaidon, October 2021

4. The Gardener’s Garden

sustainable architecture books 2021

Interior of The Gardener’s Garden. Photo courtesy of Phaidon Press

Universal Design Studio showcases the best gardens and landscapes around the world as hand-selected by design experts in the upcoming book, The Gardener’s Garden. Discover a wide variety of projects, from Versailles to Marrakech.

472 pages, $49.95, Phaidon, January 2022

5. Martha’s Vineyard: New Island Homes

green homes and gardens books 2021

Front cover of Martha’s Vineyard New Island Homes. Photo courtesy of Monacelli

The follow-up to The Houses of Martha’s Vineyard (2005), this title introduces readers to unconventional contemporary houses along the vineyard. Learn more about the designs of residential projects from renowned architects like Toshiko Mori, Olson Kundig, and more.

$50, Hardcover, Monacelli Press, June 2021

6. Connection: CYY Architects

connection ccy architects green homes and gardens books monacelli

Front cover of Connection: CYY Architects. Photo courtesy of Monacelli

Connection: CYY Architects delves into the work of 10 of the Colorado-based architecture firm’s sophisticated designs.

Connection explores how these selected residences across the Rocky Mountain region bring CYY’s design philosophy to life, while exploring how to create inspiring architectural solutions in nature.

312 pages, $60, Hardcover, Monacelli Press, May 2021