Increased Working Productivity: While the wall pictured here was installed outdoors, Living Walls found inside have shown to increase worker productivity. Texas A&M University conducted a study that showed workers in greener conditions generated 15% more ideas. Incorporating a Living Wall in your office or workspace could increase employee productivity as an added bonus to a pleasing green aesthetic.

Biophilia: Humans face a yearning for unchanged Earth—a phenomenon explained as biophilia. Biophilia is the reason why natural spaces have healing effects and why views of nature are so highly desired. Green spaces like parks and nature preserves can quench this thirst, as can Living Green Walls.

Sustainability and LEED Credits: Sustainable rating systems such as LEED, the WELL building Standard, and the International Green Construction Code (IgCC) have recognized Living Walls in varying degrees as a product to make living spaces more green and sustainable.

Improved Air Quality: We spend most of our time inside, and unfortunately for us, indoor air is 5-10 times more polluted than outdoor air. Living Green Walls can dramatically reduce inside air pollutants such as carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, and also prevent illnesses caused by poor air quality.

Lower Occupant Stress: Many credited universities such as Texas A&M and Washington State have conducted experiments that give the presence of plants credit for lowering stress levels within the workplace. In these tests, participants working around plants were 12% less stressed than workers without greenery nearby.

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