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PURPLE products also include Max 12 assemblies, a top fire-rated system with a fastener pattern that allows for easier, more uniform installation. Photo courtesy of National Gypsum

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You’ll know PURPLE, the high-performance XP drywall family of products by National Gypsum, when you see it because it’s not just purple in name; it’s purple in color. While all gypsum-based drywall is fire-resistant, the PURPLE family offers even more benefits as it resists moisture, mold, and mildew while also being GREENGUARD GOLD–certified for indoor air quality. Scratches, scuffs, dents, and noise are also no match for PURPLE products. This high-performance drywall gives architects, contractors, and homeowners more options as well as peace of mind when constructing projects.

At its core PURPLE inhibits mold growth. It has the highest possible mold score according to several ASTM tests, and it features spore guard technology. It has less than 5% water absorption, and it fights the effects of moisture before damage can occur, reinforcing a structure’s integrity and strength. It also eliminates swelling or dimensional movement caused by moisture if, say, water were to get into a basement.

national gypsum gbd magazine PURPLE

PURPLE’s Hi-Impact has an abrasion and mold-resistant paper, a dense core, and fiberglass mesh reinforcement that can resist penetrations into the wall cavity. “If you hit a regular piece of drywall with a baseball bat it would create a hole and you’d have to fix it. With Hi-Impact, all you have to do is patch and paint it.” Photo courtesy of National Gypsum

PURPLE isn’t just for new construction; it makes renovations easier than before, too. It installs in exactly the same way as regular gypsum board. You follow the standard steps, but PURPLE also comes with grid marks—basically Xs down both tapers with 16, 24, and 32 inches on center, so no matter what construction you’re doing, you can identify studs easily. As a product line, XP has been around for 17 years. In commercial buildings it’s one of the most widely used mold and moisture products out there—especially in offices, hospitals, and educational buildings. Now we’re seeing it become more popular in the residential space. As more people emphasize mold and moisture protection in residential buildings and turn to renovating instead of starting over, this gives them the ability to upgrade an old house they love and get the same protection they’d get with new construction.

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John Bianchi, National Gypsum

John Bianchi has been in the industry for almost a decade. He knows exceptional products, and that includes PURPLE gypsum. While some people may think it costs a lot of money to upgrade to PURPLE in their construction projects, he emphasizes it’s a nominal charge considering the time, money, and stress that will be saved in the long run with this next-level protection. PURPLE products resist moisture, mold, and mildew, stand up to scratches and bumps, and are also fire-resistant and reduce unwanted sound transmission like no other. We recently spoke with Bianchi to find out about these benefits and more.

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