Story at a glance:

  • Milan-based design firm Mandalaki recently released its new light collection.
  • The Hale Edition collection includes seven light structures that display a halo-shaped light.
  • Halo Edition comes in two distinct color options—Sunset Red and Deep Blue.

Milan-based design firm Mandalaki released its new Halo Edition light collection in October 2020. The Halo Edition shows how lighting can offer more than just illumination—it can be artistic and inspiring.

The collection is also sustainable, as it is made from long-lasting materials like aluminum, iron, and glass. The lamps’ vibrant colors come to life through high power LEDs.

The collection includes seven different light structures, though all boast the characteristic circular projection of a light “halo.” These various-sized lamps can be placed at different angles and in spaces to enhance the surrounding environment.

Here are just a few things we love about the new collection.

Vivid Colors

Halo Edition

Mandalaki used the decomposition of the frequencies of white light to create depth in the shades of color. Photo by Marco Menghi

The lights come in two distinctive color options. Sunset Red offers a warm and calming sensation while Deep Blue—inspired by outer space—generates an illusion of depth.

The design studio says Halo Collection is designed to fit a multitude of environments in a delicate way by acting as a light installation. A color projector enlarges the perception of the space and brings light into the environment almost like a visual meditation.

Using light to create a sense of depth was important to the designers, who researched how the decomposition of the frequencies of white light can create infinite shades of color. The result? The light is no longer treated as a source of illumination but as a graphic element—precise and defined.


halo edition

The Halo Line is sleek and sophisticated—its structure made from aluminum. Photo by Marco Menghi

The lamps’ various sizes and angles offer a dynamic approach to lighting, making it more flexible and suitable for any number of different landscapes.

The Halo One was the company’s catalyst for the full collection. The idea was to create a compact and minimal object that could spread powerful tones in a tight circular projection. The Halo One holds a high power LED on a 120-centimeter black anodized aluminum rod.

The most versatile and compact of the collection is Halo Up, a 32-centimeter-tall light with an adjustable head. The built-in touch system also makes it easy to control the intensity of the light.

Halo Sky, a ceiling projector, adds a pronounced presence to any room. The length of the aluminum rod is fully customizable and designed for specific installations.

Commitment to Sustainability

halo edition

The Halo Edition LED lamps are made of aluminum, iron, and glass. Photo by Marco Menghi

The collection’s materials—aluminum, iron, and glass—are all long-lasting and recyclable. Mandalaki also makes a point to not include plastic in the design.

Mandalaki says its projects are driven by the research of “essentiality and functionality as well as sustainability and performance.”

Previous Mandalaki projects include an electric car and a modular miniature house that encourages sustainable living. The design studio takes an interdisciplinary approach to bring value to its works and empower their networks, from artists to scientists.