Hercules®, a part of the Oatey family of companies, announced the launch of Shutout™ , a nontoxic, universal manhole sealant and lubricant that reduces inflow and makes manhole maintenance easier.

Shutout is applied to manhole frames to create a perfect seal, enabling airtight and watertight frames and cover interfaces. Oatey developed the product in partnership with contractors from the Truckee Sanitary District, who approached Oatey with the idea that Oatey’s pipe thread compound may prevent this problematic inflow when applied in a manhole frame. Oatey partnered with the Truckee team to refine and develop its existing compound to serve this unique purpose.

Shutout adheres to dry, wet, hot, and cold surfaces, offering optimal protection in both freezing and high temperatures. In addition to inflow reduction, Shutout promotes ease of use for waterworks contractors and municipalities. Using Shutout requires no additional training and only takes a couple of minutes to apply, including preparation and clean-up. Applied with a caulking tube, Shutout can be easily transported for use as part of regular operations and maintenance activities. Shutout also makes it easier to open manhole covers, providing lubrication that prevents rust and corrosion between the two metal surfaces, thus decreasing the force required to open the cover.

The universal, cost-effective, job-site-ready product is compatible with most existing manhole installations (including those with and without gaskets), eliminating the need to replace an entire manhole. Shutout prevents inflow upon initial application and should be monitored for reapplication as needed. For more information and resources visit, Oatey.com or watch this video to see how Shutout is applied. To share product ideas with Oatey, visit our Idea Portal.