Hotel Hassler Roma

[Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Hassler Roma]

This hotel in Rome features high-end suites with a mix of modern amenities and classical beauty. The five-star Hassler Roma has unbeatable views in the heart of Rome next to the beautiful 16th-century Trinità dei Monti church. This luxury hotel looks upon the Spanish Steps, a “stairway to heaven” made of Travertine white marble. You can view the Pantheon, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican, and St. Agnes Church in Piazza Navona from the Hassler’s terraces and windows.

Everyone who is anyone has stayed at the Hassler. Over the past 100 years, countless renowned guests have signed the Hassler’s “Golden Book”—from Pablo Picasso to Will Smith, Eleanor Roosevelt to Frank Sinatra.


Hassler Roma facade

[Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Hassler Roma]

Striving for Sustainability

But this stunning hotel is not just luxurious. It’s green, too. The Hassler is one of Italy’s first hotels to offer a complimentary electric shuttle service. Want to skip the long climb up and down the Spanish Steps? A chauffeur in a shuttle can take you on excursions to the historic city center.

The Hassler Roma strives for a greener future. The hotel aims to reduce its carbon footprint and lessen air and noise pollution through the use of energy-efficient electric shuttles. The Hassler is setting a sustainable trend for the hospitality industry.


The Hassler Roma has been one of the world’s most prestigious hotels since 1893. It all began with Franz-Josef Bucher. He developed a remote region of Switzerland in the 1870s, building several hotels and more. Bucher was a pioneer in the industry and the father of a dynasty of Swiss hoteliers.

In 1890, Bucher sent his son-in-law, Heinrich Wirth, to manage Albergo Minerva in Rome. This began the family’s ties with the Italian hospitality industry. Heinrich’s son, Oscar Wirth, joined the Hotel Hassler in 1921. He later became the owner of the hotel. In 1939, Oscar tore down the hotel to rebuild it. The new Hotel Hassler opened to the public in 1947 after serving as the US Air Force’s Rome headquarters during WWII.

Today, Roberto E. Wirth is now the president and managing director of the hotel. He also runs Il Palezzetto, an elegant 16th-century building near the Hassler. Roberto considers the hotel an integral part of his family heritage. He has received many honors, including the “Independent Hotelier of the World” award from Hotels magazine. He dedicated this award to Rome, his birthplace and home.

Penthouse Villa Medici

The Penthouse Villa Medici features modern and classical accents. [Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Hassler Roma]


San Pietro Suite

The San Pietro suite is named to celebrate its view of St. Peter’s Basilica. [Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Hassler Roma]

Traditional Meets Contemporary Design

The Hassler makes it easy to experience the best of Rome while staying in the comfort of an individually designed room, suite, or penthouse. “The most striking aspect of the Hassler Roma’s design is the concept of timeless traditional-meets-contemporary style,” says Anna Pellò, communications manager at the Hassler.

The hotel’s interior design is complete with French silk, luxurious rugs, and stucco details. Rooms are lit by Venetian lamps and chandeliers from the island of Murano. 19th century mirrors reflect the romantic glow.


[Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Hassler Roma]

Fine Dining at the Hassler

The Michelin-starred rooftop restaurant Imàgo, opened in the 1940s, was the first panoramic restaurant ever built in Rome. Chef Francesco Apreda reimagines regional Italian cuisine at Imàgo. He carefully prepares his dishes with passion and precision, adjusting his menus according to the season. Imàgo is a local favorite and popular among international guests. The restaurant’s cuisine includes traditional Italian ingredients infused with East Asian flavors.

This world-famous eatery is just one of many fine dining options available at Hotel Hassler Roma. And Princess Diana herself said she had the best Bellini ever at the Hassler Bar. Hosting weddings, galas, business conferences, and more, there is always something memorable happening at the Hassler.

Hassler Bar

Entering the Hassler Bar is like stepping back in time. [Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Hassler Roma]

Health & Wellness

No luxury hotel is complete without health and wellness services. “The most important thing is to make guests feel at home. We do our best to create an intimate and relaxing ambience where guests’ privacy and wellbeing are the priority,” Pellò says.

You can stay fit even while on vacation. The Hassler’s Fitness Center is a cutting-edge training facility. With cardio fitness machines, a weight room, and personal fitness trainers, you can create the perfect workout. Plus a walk up and down the Spanish Steps is right out the front door.


Amorvero Spa

The rejuvenating Amorvero Spa provides wellness with a view. [Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Hassler Roma]

Beauty Services

Amorvero Spa brings “wellness to the spirit through the body and the senses.” This philosophy is seen in all of its services. Highly trained beauty professionals provide massage therapy and wide range of treatments. You’ll leave feeling calm and regenerated. The sauna, steam bath, and solarium add to the relaxing experience.

Looking for vacation hair? Whether you want a stylish bob or a layered look, the Rossano Ferretti Hair Salon is there to provide the best service. World-renowned hairdresser Ferretti’s only hair salon in Rome is located within the Hassler. The salon’s hair-styling method is based on two principles: nature and personalization.

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