Story at a glance:
  • Fern’s new FD desk is made completely from upcycled and recycled materials.
  • The design team traveled across western Europe to find the right materials to repurpose.
  • French oak from old train floors is just one of the standout materials.

When returning to the office post-COVID, or perhaps working from home indefinitely, there are so many questions to ask. How do I approach the modern workplace in an inviting, but safe way? With health and safety as a top concern, everything is up for debate—from the paint on the walls to the indoor air quality.

One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about, though, is where you sit.

The FD desk by Fern is made from 100% upcycled and recycled materials to create a workspace that is clean in design concept and in conscience.

Fern, the Paris-based, sustainability-focused branch of the Barcelona-based deardesign studio, designed the FD with refined, essential lines that create a smooth and stylish workspace.

The journey to create the FD desk began two years ago when the team traveled across western Europe looking in quarriers, landfills, and other forgotten places for the right materials to complete their vision. All materials used originated across Europe and were manufactured in Spain.

“Man-made products have social, economic, and environmental impacts. Because of this I felt compelled to create a business that raises the eco-consciousness of companies and develops solutions to help them achieve sustainability,” says Cécile Imbert, Fern’s founder.

Made of French oak recycled from old train floors and Durat—a product made from recycled plastic, the desk’s construction applies traditional craftsmanship alongside new industrial processes.

Recycled polyester from plastic bottles makes up the acoustic panel of the desk, while the metal details are made of recovered metal. The desk’s lacquer is water-based and chemical-free. €3,500

Design Details

1. Reclaimed Wood

fern desk deardesign studio gbd magazine 04

Photo by Xavi Torrent

The base of FD is made of French oak—formerly flooring on the SNCF international trains. The repurposed wood is finished with Milesi water-based varnishes and lacquers.

2. Recycled Plastic

fern desk deardesign studio gbd magazine 03

Photo by Xavi Torrent

Durat is the other primary material used in the desk. Durat is made from recycled plastic and is highly durable and easy to maintain. The paneling is made from recycled polyester that gives a second life to plastic water bottles.

3. Storage Solution

fern desk deardesign studio gbd magazine 02

Photo by Xavi Torrent

AU box is a storage solution with soft edges to protect you from those sharp corners, while the curved angles create a feeling of lightness. Made from reclaimed wood and recycled C2C Bronze certified MDF, these units are designed to complement the FD desk. Recessed handles complete the look, letting users partake in an inviting tactile experience.