Story at a glance:

  • The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) and International Builders’ Show (IBS) returned to Las Vegas in February.
  • The 2024 showing was the biggest Builders’ Show floor in 15 years.

More than 76,000 residential construction professionals walked the floor to explore the latest and greatest from more than 1,800 exhibitors at this year’s International Builders Show in Las Vegas.

The Builders’ Show is part of the annual Design & Construction Week and coincides with the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), itself breaking records. IBS registration gave attendees access to both shows, accounting for more than 117,000 total builders, general contractors, designers, architects, dealers, distributors, and other industry professionals from all over the world to be together at one convention center. The three-day event also included more than 120 education sessions, and hundreds of products were on view for the first time.

The next IBS will take place from February 25 to 27, 2025, again in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Here are some of the standouts from the IBS 2024 show.

R-BREEZE from Azenco


The R-BREEZE design from Azenco is made of sustainable materials and is at home in commercial and residential designs. Photo courtesy of Azenco

Fixed louvered pergolas from Azenco made their debut at IBS. The R-BREEZE design celebrates the interplay of light and shadow. Both a focal point and a place of protection, these free-standing, high-end aluminum pergolas have wall-mounted, multi-zone layouts with custom designs, color options, and special cuts available for each project.

The pergola is controlled with an app-controlled photocell sensor and has LED recessed lighting. It is compatible with virtually anything you’d need for a great time outdoors; if you want screens, fans, heaters, speakers, or misting systems, you can easily add them, and the pergolas also feature accessory beams, privacy walls, and base plate covers.

“We’re so proud to launch our latest louvered pergola, the R-BREEZE,” says Leslie Chapus, vice president and cofounder of Azenco. “What makes Azenco different is our distinguished patented products and the ability to continuously bring innovation to existing products on the market. We always use unique design elements and an easy roof installation process without screws using our one-of-a-kind no show clip concept.”

The modern lines of R-BREEZE fit in seamlessly across diverse settings and provide an air of sophistication. You can integrate lights within the lattice for a nighttime glow under the pergola.

Interlocking Paver System collection by Aspire


The 16-by-16-inch paver system comes together easily, interlocking with four grids. Photo courtesy of Aspire Pavers

Aspire Pavers’ new 16-by-16-inch pavers offer a large format with easy installation, seamlessly interlocking with four grids to enhance efficiency and design possibilities.

The brand’s new Design Color Collection, an expansion of their popular Interlocking Paver System to include nine new paver colors, was also on full display at IBS.

Aspire Pavers are more lightweight than traditional concrete pavers, and their patented interlocking system is ideal for rooftops, balconies, and patios, to name a few. They can be used for new in-ground applications as well as resurfacing old concrete patios and wood decks.

Aspire Pavers was recently acquired by Brava Roof Tile.

QuickDrain BenchDrain by Oatey Co.


QuickDrain BenchDrain from Oatey. Photo courtesy of OateyCo

Sustainable, efficient, and convenient—QuickDrain BenchDrain is a sleek, clever, linear drain built right into the shower bench.

BenchDrain linear drains are built directly into QuickDrain’s proprietary bench seat, which is built with PET panels made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. The result is a concealed, luxurious look within an accessible, state-of-the-art shower footprint.

Oatey Co. has long been a player in plumbing innovations with a clear commitment to green, easy to install designs. The water-resistant PET panels come ready to assemble and can be trimmed onsite for a custom fit, so no mechanical fasteners or anchors are required.

BenchDrain is a great solution for universal designs, as the shower bench itself accommodates ADA standards for height and depth and exceeds the ADA weight guideline.

Organika Collection by Tidelli Outdoor Living


Tidelli’s Round line is made using stone or wood, with a base covered in nautical rope. Image courtesy of Tidelli Outdoor Living

The new nature-inspired collection from the luxury Brazilian outdoor furniture brand includes three coffee tables, a recliner, bench, armchair, love seat, lounger, swing chair, two dining tables, and seven sofa modules. Organika brings luxury to the outdoors while using high-quality, sustainable materials.

Materials like nautical ropes, wood, marble, natural stones, glass, and recycled aluminum are combined using sustainable production processes carried out entirely at their company’s factory in Salvador, Brazil.

Tidelli’s Round line consists of two dining table models, square and rectangular, in two sizes. The top is made out of stone or wood, and the base is covered in nautical rope.

Silestone XM by Cosentino


Silestone XM in Blanc Élysée. Photo courtesy of Cosentino

Cosentino has celebrated some major sustainability milestones over the past decade—from creating Europe’s largest photovoltaic plant to achieving zero wastewater discharge at its Almeria, Spain Industrial Hub. At KBIS Cosentino proudly unveiled Silestone XM—a new category made with Cosentino’s proprietary Hybriq technology composed of premium minerals and recycled materials with significantly less silica than traditional engineered stone. With this technology all new Silestone XM products brought to the market will be produced with a maximum of 10% crystalline silica content.

“Cosentino’s advancement in creating sustainable surfacing that is both beautiful and durable has been a critical priority,” says Eduardo Cosentino, CEO of Cosentino Americas. “We are pushing the boundaries, and Silestone XM is a direct result of our dedication to innovation.”

All Silestone products are also made using 100% renewable electric energy and 99% recycled and reused water, achieving 0% liquid discharge into rivers and seas.

Silestone XM also includes EARTHIC—a new sustainable collection made in collaboration with FormaFantasma.

BLADE from Richelieu

Richelieu displayed countless innovative designs at this year’s KBIS, from decorative hardware to innovative solutions for keeping kitchens safe and clutter free.

TRIGON, an innovative German-engineered pull-out shelf system, solves the problem of dead space in corner and end cabinets by maximizing the use of cabinet area. The unit increases storage space and functionality by up to 40% compared to an unequipped cabinet.

Alongside TRIGON Richelieu displayed BLADE—a dual-functioning cutting board and cutlery tray that can be pulled out as needed and retracted after use inside a standard drawer space in a 24-inch cabinet.

Made of 100% hardwood maple, the cutting board can easily be removed for cleaning. The bottom cutlery tray accommodates cutting knives and other utensils typically needed for food preparation, and you can access it without opening the top cutting board.

WasteLAB Vox Sink by Kohler


Kohler unveiled its first-ever WasteLAB sink at KBIS, made using recycled waste. Photo courtesy of Kohler

In 2019 Kohler launched WasteLAB tile, part of an evolving idea for what to do with factory waste. “Some Kohler associates came up with the idea like, ‘Hey, can we explore making cool stuff out of our factory waste?’” says Stephen Maliszewski, director of public relations at Kohler. Their clever ideas have now evolved to include the beautiful Transcendence Tile Collection, a collaboration with designer Nada Debs that is made from 100% waste, and, just launched at KBIS, Kohler’s first-ever WasteLAB sink.

The WasteLAB Vox sink is constructed of more than 70% recycled materials, contributing to a circular economy and Kohler’s goal of zero waste to landfill.

Kohler is actively working to be net zero by 2035. The WasteLAB Vox sink takes foundry dust from the cast iron process to dye the sink, and materials that don’t make it through the kiln are crushed and used to make the sink.

Pristive Tankless Reverse Osmosis System by Brizo


The Pristive Tankless Reverse Osmosis System by Brizo reduces more than 90 contaminants from drinking water. Photo courtesy of Brizo

Brizo isn’t just delivering the water through beautifully designed faucets anymore. Now they’re also offering up better water.

Available in fall 2024 and on display at KBIS, Brizo’s water purification system is another exciting entry into new territory. The Pristive system leverages advanced in-home technology and reduces more than 90 contaminants from drinking water when tested against NSF standards. The tankless system ensures a continuous flow of fresh and clean water while minimizing water waste. The new offering also requires less space than traditional tank systems through a compact design that simplifies installation and maintenance, offering synchronized filter changes in a matter of seconds.

“The future of the modern kitchen will continue to embrace and incorporate technology,” says Celine Kwok Garland, studio design manager at Brizo. “As we continue to streamline our tasks within that space, I can see a need for more access points, and enhancements, to our water—i.e. reverse osmosis systems for water consumption and cooking, pet and home garden water offerings, etc. As Brizo continues to expand our portfolio, we’re constantly challenging the idea of interior design and how we can bring new, and thoughtful, innovations to the home.”

New Panels from Borrowed Earth Collaborative


Borrowed Earth uses recycled materials and smaller blocks considered to be imperfect for its new tiles, panels, and stonework. Photo courtesy of Borrowed Earth

Take only what you need, and find perfection in the imperfect. That seems to be the mission of Borrowed Earth Collaborative, founded by LA-based artist and entrepreneur Ruchika Grover.

Borrowed Earth’s new tiles, panels, and stonework by Grover were a favorite at this year’s IBS. In styles and colors like Bamboo and Flutes and Lavender and Grey Fantasy, the options were seemingly endless. Grover’s work celebrates the natural wonders of the world while encouraging you to stop and think—where did this come from?Where did I come from? Borrowed Earth aims to collaborate with architects, designers, and artists to tell their stories and bring exciting new projects to life.

Borrowed Earth uses recycled materials and smaller blocks considered to be imperfect, choosing materials only from quarries that extract in a sustainable manner while sourcing materials close to the manufacturing unit to reduce transportation emissions. Conserving water in the stone manufacturing process is also a big part of their sustainability mission.

Thermowood by Novawood


Thermowood and other solutions from Novawood can be used for cladding, decking, and more. Photo courtesy of Novawood

Thermowood makes itself known as an environmentally responsible choice. The modification process is made using only heat and steam, so the wood is free from harmful chemicals and toxic elements. All Thermowood boards are sourced from responsibly managed forests, allowing Novawood to carry sustainable markers of excellence like FSC Certification and more.

Novawood’s commitment to sustainability is clear, according to Victor Gonzalez, assistant marketing manager for GMX Group. They harvest wood only from sustainable plantation forests, avoiding cutting trees from native areas. They enhance the wood using only heat and steam, without applying any chemicals and toxins that might endanger the environment. And they produce a building material that lasts longer, reducing the need for product exchanges and, consequently, waste generation.

The group also showed off Norx as part of their large IBS showing this year. Norx composite decking products are ultra-resistant to moisture, bacteria, and fading. They include composite materials made up of 95% recycled materials products that would otherwise end up in landfills.

VintageWood by Nichiha


Nichiha’s popular VintageWood line of siding includes even more options, unveiled at IBS 2024. Photo courtesy of Nichiha

Nichiha unveiled two new shades—Blackwood and Poplar—of their popular VintageWood (pictured here in previous versions) at IBS. Both will be available in summer 2024.

The VintageWood series offers up the look of wood and the feel of warmth with the added engineering of an integrated rainscreen.

The leader in high-performance siding also showed off its new ConcreteBoard, which offers looks that closely mimic concrete, but with new design avenues because it’s made from resilient fiber cement. Nichiha also launched White Smoke, a new shade of their VintageBrick.

Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff by Moen


The Moen Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff monitors water flowing through a home so you know if you have a leak. Photo courtesy of Moen

The Moen Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff monitors the water flowing through your home and leverages innovative applications like machine learning to make the device even more powerful. It can detect as small as one drop per minute, and 60% of users have discovered a leak they didn’t know they had within just 30 days of installation.

The Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff helps support Mission Moen, which is Moen’s sustainability commitment to help protect and preserve water. Since launching this mission in 2020 Moen and their customers have saved more than 27 billion gallons of water.