The 42nd annual Building Safety Month concludes with a call for action to help protect and conserve one of our planet’s most precious resources: water. The Code Council is dedicated to addressing solutions in water conservation and efficiency through modern building codes and standards that lead to resilient communities, safe plumbing, efficient technologies, and a well-trained, professional workforce of code officials and plumbing professionals.

“There are several steps you can take to protect the water you use every day and knowing where your water comes from is a good start,” said Code Council Chief Executive Officer Dominic Sims, CBO. “From there, we can all take proper action to make sure we not only prevent contamination of our drinking water but also find ways to conserve and reuse it.”

The Code Council is offering two free educational webinars this week. The first webinar, “Backflow Basics: Repair, Testing and Maintenance” will take place on May 24 from 2—3:30 pm ET. The event will feature a roundtable discussion on the repair, testing, maintenance, and inspections methods and assemblies used to protect potable water.

The second webinar, “Pool Owner Safety 101” will take place on May 25 from 2—3 pm ET. This webinar, co-sponsored by the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance and the International Code Council, will educate new pool owners or those considering a swimming pool on keeping their pools both safe and enjoyable for many years to come.

Register for these events and view recordings of previous Building Safety Month events here.

This year’s Building Safety Month Foundational Sponsor is the American Gas Association, and the sponsor of week four is LIUNA. To see the full list of sponsors, click here.

“This year, the American Gas Association is once again proud to be a sponsor of the International Code Council’s Building Safety Month”, said Jim Ranfone, manager director of the American Gas Association. “We continue to strongly support the Code Council’s open code development process that develops and updates the series of model codes that, when adopted in states and jurisdictions, help to ensure the built environment will be safe, efficient, and resilient.”

More information about Building Safety Month, including details regarding virtual events and downloadable resources, can be found at

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