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WorkCube can create flexible home office anywhere. Image courtesy of Inova

The new WorkCube, by Inova, features a compact cabinet designed to quickly expand into multiple work surfaces. When it’s not in use, simply pack it up and move it out of the way as needed.

“Working from home is a new reality,” said Janine Masiewicz, Inova’s marketing manager. “A few months ago, many of us thought this was temporary and we would be back in the office, so we quickly set up workspaces in our dining room, bedroom, guest room, etc. and made the most of it. But as time goes on, and more and more people are working from home for the foreseeable future, and in some cases permanently, the need to separate the workday from your personal life is real. The WorkCube offers you that flexibility.”

About the WorkCube & WorkCube mini

The WorkCube (mini) was initially developed by Inova for student housing properties looking for a commercial-grade, flexible furniture solution that saved space in small studio apartments. Doubling as a nightstand, the WorkCube mini converted into a desk and TV tray for one or two people to use while sitting on a sofa, like Inova’s Sofa-WallBed.

Realizing the need for flexible home office solutions today, Inova has since created the WorkCube: a taller, stand-alone desk option, accommodating adults sitting at desk height, rather than on a sofa.

Available in two sizes, the WorkCube mini, a smaller version at 26.5 inches tall, works great for grade-school children who are learning virtually at home, while the standard WorkCube accommodates anyone looking to create a home office instantly.

workcube inova gbd magazine gbdpro

Image courtesy of Inova

How It Works

The WorkCube and WorkCube mini operate with the same function and ease. Simply roll the WorkCube where you want it to be. Starting on either side, raise the work surface and swing the support panel outward. At this point, lock the casters so it stays in place and set the work surface on the support. You now have a desk! Repeat on the other side. (See the WorkCube in action here.)

In addition to the two expandable work surfaces, the center cabinet includes a pull-out tray that can serve as an additional work surface, perfect for your mouse or as a writing surface. There is also plenty of storage with a deep drawer and open cubby below. The WorkCube features an adjustable shelf within the cubby.

Sustainable Material and Made in the USA

The WorkCube and WorkCube mini are made from decorative laminate panels that are manufactured using 100% recovered and recycled wood materials. All Inova products are made in the USA at our factory located in Upstate NY.


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