integrated sink system excel dryer

D|13 Group’s integrated sink system features an XLERATORsync hand dryer from Excel Dryer. [Photo: Courtesy of Excel Dryer]

Excel Dryer partnered with D|13 Group to bring this sustainable integrated sink system to the marketplace.

Excel Dryer is expanding and diversifying its product line with the next evolution in sustainable restroom design—the XLERATORsync® hand dryer, a sink deck-mounted dryer, featured exclusively as part of the D|13 sink system in the U.S.

The most advanced integrated sink system available, this restroom product is making waves in the marketplace thanks to a collaboration between Excel Dryer and D|13 Group, a Massachusetts-based company that designs, manufactures, and supplies beautiful and functional commercial fixtures.

The D|13 sink system takes high-end restrooms to the next level. It’s a “one-stop shop” for designers, seamlessly combining three no-touch fixtures: a soap dispenser, durable faucet, and Excel Dryer’s high-speed, energy-efficient XLERATORsync hand dryer. The all-in-one sink deck provides the most hygienic, sustainable, and cost-effective way to wash and dry your hands.

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integrative sink system

[Photo: Courtesy of Excel Dryer]

Form Meets Function

The integrated sink system offers an intuitive, streamlined hand-washing process that creates the ultimate user experience. When you’re done washing your hands, it’s human nature to immediately look for something to dry your hands off with. In private bathrooms, you may reach for a hand towel, but in public restrooms it’s a different story. You have to find the paper towel dispenser or the hand dryer on the wall.

To make life easier, the D|13 sink system incorporates the hand dryer directly next to the faucet, right where it belongs. That means less time with wet hands. Similar to how hand-drying is part of the hand-washing process, the hand dryer is now part of the sink system.

By putting the automatic faucet, soap dispenser, and hand dryer all within arm’s reach of the basin, this hands-free sink deck is as hygienic and efficient as it is simple to use. It also keeps restroom maintenance simple and enables a cleaner space by reducing drippage on the floor and eliminating paper towel waste.

Synchronized, Sustainable Design

The user experience isn’t the only thing that’s improved—the D|13 sink system design stands out from other integrated systems on the market, too. What really makes it unique is how the sink basin and hand dryer are specifically synchronized to enhance performance.

The XLERATORsync technology diverts the high-speed airflow away from the user toward the back of the basin. The basin has the proper depth and angles to control the air and water, so you won’t splash water on the counter or on yourself.

Dryers are greener, more economical, and easier to maintain than paper towel dispensers and other hand-drying products. The D|13 sink system takes sustainability a step further by utilizing recycled, FSC-certified materials. Also, the sink system arrives onsite palletized and ready to install, reducing the time, energy, and resources needed for installation. This efficient process makes this integrated sink system an affordable and sustainable option.

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XLERATOR® Hand Dryers Integrated Sink System

[Photo: Courtesy of Excel Dryer]

Customizable Options

This sleek sink system complements other high-end fixtures and décor while adding to a hospitality-driven aesthetic. Customizable design options allow architects to create elegant, spotless public restrooms. Getting rid of paper towel dispensers means less hardware and less waste.

Designers and architects have complete design flexibility. You can customize the sink deck and enclosure to heighten the overall look and feel of the space and select your preferred shape and dimensions. The material of the sink basin, counter, and base cabinet can also be customized with a wide range of materials, including Corian, quartz, marble, and stone. Functional design options like baby changing units, built-in trash cans, and countertop elevations are available, too.

You can incorporate nearly any faucet and soap combination from all the top brands in the industry, such as Kohler, SLOAN, Toto, Stern, and more. The faucet also has customizable flow rates and the fixture shapes can correspond or differ in appearance to help make the system more intuitive for the user—it’s up to you.

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