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ISI Building Products is excited to announce its new Viper II Platinum under-slab vapor retarder. High-performance vapor retarders are gaining popularity in residential applications to enhance building safety and longevity. Viper II Platinum is the first of its kind to achieve ASTM E 1745 Class A status for blown films under 10 mils. It is the ideal high- performance under-slab vapor retarder for residential construction.

Viper II Platinum is a co-extruded film engineered from seven-layer extrusion technology using a unique virgin resin formulation. This manufacturing process creates an excellent balance of high puncture and tensile strength while maintaining very low water vapor permeance characteristics. Viper II Platinum retains (long-term) high-performance and will not biodegrade or decompose when exposed to various soil types and below-slab conditions.

Performance is important for under-slab vapor retarders to prevent moisture and soil migration through the slab. Membranes must maintain integrity and sustain foot traffic during installation of the concrete. Failure to provide a continuous vapor retarder under-slab can lead to increased relative humidity, condensation, mold, mildew, degradation, costly flooring failures and damage to moisture-sensitive furnishings within a building’s interior.

Viper II Platinum meets or exceeds all Class A requirements of ASTM E 1745 to provide durable, long-lasting protection against moisture and soil gas. Viper II Platinum is available through ISI’s nationwide network of building materials distributors.


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