Kimberly Lewis USGBC

Kimberly Lewis shares how women are progressing the green building movement. [Photo: Courtesy of USGBC]

All over the world, women in the green building movement are making change happen.

Female leaders know that at the end of the day, it’s not so much about what you do, but why you do it. This year, through our Women in Green (WIG) platform, the USGBC is exploring ways women can lead with purpose to inspire others and drive continued creativity and progress as well as celebrate the power of purpose to shape our lives, our careers, and our changing world.

Originally launched at Greenbuild, the world’s largest green building conference and expo, in 2012, WIG is an annual cross-generational, equitable engagement platform that brings together influential and inspiring women to leverage our voices, create opportunities, and advance change while celebrating our successes. Today WIG takes place around the world as part of Greenbuild events in China, India, Europe, Brazil, and Mexico and as part of more than two-dozen local community events throughout the U.S.

Studies have found that women make up just 10% of the building and construction industry globally, but half of all the green building councils around the world are led by female leaders. There is an undeniable energy and excitement around leadership in the green building movement, and it’s especially important that we come together as women to celebrate, connect, and remind each other of our sense of purpose.

The WIG events around the world are leading up to the November 2018 Greenbuild events in Chicago, where we will host our signature event, the Women in Green Power Luncheon. This year’s event will feature the powerful voice of women’s advocate and thought leader Jessica Grounds, who will share new research on women in the workplace and discuss the importance of gender catalysts to create opportunities and advancement for women. The program will also highlight perspectives of leading with purpose from some of the amazing women who have spoken at other WIG events around the world.

Leading with purpose is a journey that starts from within. In times of uncertainty, we turn to our inner sense of purpose to sustain our energy and commitment, bolster our resilience, and push us forward. It is about standing up for what we know is right and helping others along the way. We’re honored to have had empowering women speak at all of our WIG events around the world and are excited to once again bring together women from across the building and design industries to Greenbuild in Chicago.

The USGBC is committed to bringing more female green building leaders to the table to ensure the future is not only sustainable, but also equitable, and everyone benefits from the perspectives and positions women offer.

Kimberly LewisKimberly Lewis is senior vice president for market transformation and development in North America at the USGBC. She is a driving force behind Greenbuild and launched the USGBC Women in Green events in 2012. She is also a 2018 Women in Sustainability Leadership Award (WSLA) winner.