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  • Enscape’s 3D rendering software for landscape design can enhance your creativity.
  • Real-time visualization in landscape architecture can also save clients time and money.

3D visualization is becoming increasingly important in landscape architecture and design. It allows you to better communicate your ideas to clients and stakeholders and enables you to identify potential design issues before construction begins. As a designer you are provided with immediate feedback, allowing you to iterate and fine-tune the design quickly.

On top of this major advantage you can make use of a rich asset library to bring engagement to your scene, play around with interactive sun studies, and more. Here we delve into seven benefits of Enscape’s 3D rendering software for landscape design and how it can enhance your creativity.

1. Real-Time Rendering


Rendering courtesy of Enscape

Enscape provides real-time rendering, enabling you to instantly see your changes in your design. This feature means you don’t have to wait for the rendering process to complete before seeing any results, allowing you to visualize as you design.

2. Minimal to No Training Required


Materials for landscape renderings. Image courtesy of Enscape

Enscape is a user-friendly tool with a simple and intuitive interface. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to produce amazing designs. The plugin is easy to use and requires little to no special training, letting you jump right into your work and get started immediately.

3. Seamless Integration

Enscape integrates seamlessly with your existing workflow on Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, Archicad, and Vectorworks. This allows you to work efficiently and effectively with your existing tools without the need for additional software or new workflows.

4. Detailed Landscapes


Choose from a wide variety of vegetation in Enscape’s asset library. Image courtesy of Enscape

Enscape allows you to create inviting and realistic landscapes with ease. With its vast library of more than 600 vegetation assets, you can create beautiful landscape renderings quickly and easily. There are various and seasonal vegetation species, and the assets are low poly.

You can take advantage of the Material Library and Editor, where you can choose from more than 200 ready-to-use PBR materials with built-in maps, transforming any terrain to suit your vision. Finally, it’s possible to import custom assets into Enscape.

Both libraries are ever-growing, with new assets and materials added to the collections with every product release.

5. Control the Weather

Enscape simulates indirect lighting and reflections as accurately as possible using a hybrid deferred path tracing approach. What’s great is that you can use interactive sun studies to play around with how the lights and shadows interact with the space.

This allows you to create captivating moods and storytelling by changing properties like sun height, position, time of day, and other atmosphere settings like cloud coverage, fog, illumination, and moon size.

6. Virtual Reality Walkaround


Photo courtesy of Enscape

Enscape allows you to experience your designs in 3D virtual reality. The VR feature provides a unique way to showcase your designs to clients and stakeholders. With a casual stroll around you’ll be able to minimize miscommunications or misunderstandings and collaborate freely with any changes made instantly visible. You can read more more about Enscape’s compatibility with VR here.

7. Fast Export

Exporting designs in Enscape is done in a matter of seconds, so you can get excited about your next project. There is a range of rendering export options to help you easily share your refined landscape renders and effectively convey your design ideas to your clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders.

Once satisfied with a particular design you can export your render in a variety of high-resolution formats—including still images, QR codes, 360 panoramas, orthographic views, videos, and web standalone files.

Creative Outdoor Space Come to Life

Enscape has made landscape rendering more accessible and user-friendly, giving you greater efficiency and creative control. The seven benefits covered here are only a fraction of what the software has to offer.

If you haven’t tried Enscape yet, we recommend signing up for a free 14-day trial where you will receive a landscape-themed sample project and an exclusive collection of assets so you can easily take your renderings to the next level.

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