Photo: Courtesy of Layher

[Photo: Courtesy of Layher]

Layher’s advanced scaffold systems are made of high-quality steel and offer myriad possibilities.

When scaffolding manufacturer Layher set out to take on public access stair systems, they knew they had to take a broad approach. “For us, scaffold access and public access are two different solutions,” says Stefan Poetsch, chief operating officer at Layher.

Rather than focusing solely on workers’ needs as they would have done with regular scaffolding, Layher thought about the public as a whole. “We had to design the public access solution for the regular person, child, and family,” Poetsch says. The company’s mission statement around “more possibilities” is exactly what they aimed for. “We wanted to allow solutions for all temporary structures,” Poetsch says. All public systems are designed for use in public spaces as well as emergency situations.

Unlike other scaffolding manufacturers, Layher focuses not just on the strength and quality of their steel, but also on how the individual stairs and systems are produced. Everything is made in Germany with strict controls to make sure materials perform at their best. “Especially with our public systems, we want to make sure to avoid floating that can cause unnecessary dizziness for people that walk on it or just make people feel unsafe,” Poetsch says. “Good design matters, which is why we wanted to follow a design that is easy to set up, user-friendly, and safe to use.”


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Courtesy of Layher

Layher’s scaffold systems are user-friendly and safe. [Photo: Courtesy of Layher]

Safety Focused

Each tread is at a convenient height, and step covers over walking boards ensure no one gets stuck in stairs’ perforations. A continuous handrail further accommodates children and senior citizens. The systems contain no sharp corners or open edges, hence limiting the risk for pedestrian users.

Flexible Height

The stairs can achieve safe heights of more than 50 feet, allowing them to be used in numerous applications.

Built to Last

Layher’s hot-dip galvanization process—the product is immersed until the right galvanization layer is achieved—ensures staircases resist corrosion. They are designed to hold up to extreme weather conditions, including low temperatures, humidity, sun, and saltwater.

Courtesy of Layher

[Courtesy of Layher]


Layher’s public access system seamlessly integrates with walkways, making it adaptable to any building condition. All parts are made to handle high pedestrian traffic and heavy loads.


All new innovations are designed to fit older systems to increase the lifespan of the staircase. They are lightweight and can easily be taken down and transported to another site.

Perfect for Enclosures

Temporary enclosures are offered for access control and to block visibility or noise on a construction site, improving comfort and usability especially in a retail environment.

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