NeXclad is the next generation of economical, small-format terra-cotta wall cladding products from Ludowici and Terreal North America. Manufactured in southeast Ohio at the Ludowici Roof Tile plant from locally sourced raw materials, this small module terra-cotta tile comes standard with a 75-year material and color warranty. From the early design stages, through a quick and simple approval and ordering process, our NeXclad tiles can get on-site faster with reduced lead times in comparison to other terra-cotta cladding materials.

Available in two formats, a variety of surface textures, and boundless color possibilities, NeXclad is the go-to solution for exterior and interior design realizations. A variety of terra-cotta corner tiles are available with exact field tile color matching for a harmonious building envelope. The first of the two formats, our overlapping shingle, can be installed directly to wall sheathing or in a rainscreen framing application. Our second format, NeXclad True, is designed to be installed as a sleek, streamlined flush tile.

Product Benefits: 

  • Rainscreen application improves a structure’s life expectancy
  • Can be installed all year round
  • Low maintenance costs and energy savings
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Great for new construction and renovations
  • Sustainable material with an expected 100-year service life
  • ASTM C67 tested and approved
  • Exceeds ASTM requirements for breaking strength, efflorescence, and water absorption.
  • Suitable for use in coastal environments
  • Superior wind resistance performance
  • Standard tiles adapt to radiused wall and roof designs