Think Wood is excited to announce the launch of a new publication, the Mass Timber Digest, a curation of the latest innovations in mass timber research and design. In the face of a rapidly changing climate and growing demand for eco-friendly building solutions, mass timber is a new category of wood product that can transform how America builds. Whether it’s addressing the need for more affordable housing, advancing energy-efficient structural systems, or reducing carbon emissions, mass timber has a role to play in improving the sustainability and livability of the built environment.

This inaugural journal features the work of industry vanguards like Perkins&Will, DLR Group, Sidewalk Labs, Gray Organschi, and others who are pushing boundaries with mass timber. Through demonstration projects, practical innovations, and ongoing research these mass timber innovators are showing how this naturally renewable material can help decarbonize our cities, streamline construction, mitigate global warming potential, and contribute to increased occupant comfort and a sense of well-being. The potential of mass timber is taking root, germinating new approaches to contemporary architecture. From bold, inviting interiors to dramatic and expressive structures, designers building with mass timber are commanding interest across the nation—and clients are taking notice.

In this release, we dive into one project team’s hypothetical experience building a mass timber hotel, examine the feasibility of constructing tall timber towers, discover research on using future cities for carbon storage, explore mid-rise timber construction in a seismic region, and more. Each article offers an abridged summary of original research, written by the leaders and experts themselves, along with a link to read more from the source material. Opportunities for mass timber are advancing rapidly—get inspired and see what’s possible with the Mass Timber Digest.

Download the full Mass Timber Digest here.