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  • Smart material choices and timely upgrades ensure longevity and easy maintenance in commercial bathrooms.
  • Make sure materials are resistant to moisture and appropriate for your environment.
  • For timeless designs, choose materials like stone or wood that won’t go out of style any time soon.

Hotel and commercial bathrooms are heavily used and subject to significant wear and tear. Updating these commercial spaces to maintain functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal is essential. Neglecting regular maintenance and upgrades can lead to costly repairs, safety hazards, and negative guest experiences.

As such, it’s critical for hotel and commercial property owners to prioritize bathroom updates to ensure easy maintenance and longevity. With the right design, materials, and maintenance plan, hotel and commercial bathrooms can remain functional and attractive for years to come.

Design for Longevity


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When designing a commercial bathroom it’s important to consider the materials’ durability. This is especially crucial for high-traffic areas that will see a lot of wear and tear over time. Choosing the right materials ensures the bathroom will withstand heavy use and can save money in the long run, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements.

When selecting materials for a commercial bathroom, several factors must be considered. First, make sure that the materials are resistant to moisture. Second, select materials that are appropriate for your environment.

For example, if your business is in an area where there is high humidity and regular rainfall throughout the year, choose a material (like stone) that will not crack or chip easily when exposed to moisture over time.
Also, consider how easy it will be for employees and guests alike when using these facilities on a daily basis: A smooth surface makes cleaning much easier than one with rough edges.

Aesthetics are another important element in any commercial bathroom. The right materials can make your bathroom look modern and fresh, which will help boost the appeal of your property. If you want to add some style to your space, plan to use materials like stone or wood with timeless designs that won’t go out of style any time soon. These finishes will also give off an elegant vibe that customers will surely appreciate.

Easy Maintenance Upgrades


Linear drain by Oatey Co. Photo courtesy of Oatey Co.

Installing fixtures that are easy to clean and maintain can reduce maintenance costs by reducing the amount of time it takes to clean the bathroom. They also provide hygiene benefits like the reduced risk of cross-contamination, improved cleanliness, and reduced cleaning time.

When selecting a drain system for the shower, linear drains will reduce the number of grout lines and seams where mold, mildew, and grime can take hold. More grout lines mean more opportunities for mold to accumulate, requiring extra cleaning and maintenance.

By eliminating the four-way slope in a traditional shower pan, a linear drain allows tilers to create an uninterrupted flow from the overall bathroom to the shower using large format tile and solid surface materials. This will promote complete water evacuation in shower enclosures. As a result, there is less chance of water pooling and running out under the shower door into the bathroom.

QuickDrain linear drain’s wall-to-wall coverage and fully sloped troughs promote efficient water drainage, minimizing slip hazards and reducing mold, mildew, and bacteria growth.

Converting old, hard-to-clean bathtubs into walk-in showers with a linear drain is now easier than ever with a complete shower solution like QuickDrain’s Tub to Shower Conversion kit. The kit contains a site-customizable linear drain body, waterproofing system, on-site adjustable pre-sloped PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic foam shower panels, and design-matching drain covers. The onsite, customizable components are easy to install, and maintenance is significantly reduced, leading to labor savings and job satisfaction.

Choosing a PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating for bathroom fixtures can enhance both decorative apparel and functional durability. PVD resists damage like chipping, scratching, or fading and has performed better than a thick hard chrome layer regarding abrasion resistance. It can withstand most chemicals and elements, making it easy to clean.

For exposed plumbing Dearborn’s Safety Series Tubular P-Trap Covers have a universal design that will securely cover brass and plastic cleanouts. They are made from an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam, which is easy to clean, antimicrobial, and will not yellow over time. The durable, long-lasting material stays where you put it and won’t fall off, minimizing liability. This is especially useful in ADA-compliant bathrooms.

Plumbing Considerations

oatey Water Stop Valves

Water stop valves. Photo courtesy of Oatey Co.

Proper plumbing is critical for maintaining a clean and functional commercial bathroom. Upgrading to water-saving fixtures, preventing leaks and water damage, and maintaining proper water pressure are all important to keeping a commercial bathroom easy to clean and maintain.

Water conservation is not only good for the environment, but also helps to reduce water bills. Upgrading to water-saving fixtures like low-flush-volume toilets and urinals as well as low-flow faucets can reduce water usage while maintaining optimal performance. These fixtures are designed to use less water without compromising the bathroom’s functionality.

Leaks and water damage can cause significant harm to your bathroom and beyond, potentially extending to your entire building. Regularly inspecting your plumbing system can help identify leaks and prevent water damage. Leaks around fixtures and fittings—faucets, sinks, toilets, urinals and pipes—should be fixed immediately to prevent further damage. It’s also important to ensure that pipes are well-insulated to prevent freezing and bursting during cold weather if your area’s temperatures drop well below 32° Fahrenheit.

Reduce downtime and inconvenience caused by plumbing repairs by installing Oatey Water Stop Valves. They are designed to shut off the water supply at the source of the individual fixtures. This makes it easy to perform maintenance and repairs without having to shut off the water to the entire building.


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