We at Maxim started 2020 with unbridled optimism for what the year had in store. We celebrated our 50th anniversary, had great buzz around our winter product releases, and had grand plans for the conclusion of the year—but were then faced with an unprecedented reality. Our world was shaken up, and we were thrown a curve ball.

50 years in business means we have faced our share of hardships and setbacks. Through these tough times we have persevered, continued to ship orders without interruption, moved our office employees to remote work, and kept up employment benefits, all without any layoffs. Our mission this year was no different, to provide a guiding light to outshine the darkness. At Maxim, we haven’t missed a beat and have continued to operate at full capacity.

Traditionally we have released our latest collections at our semi-annual Dallas show in summer but temporarily delayed the announcement to the fall. This wouldn’t stop Maxim Group Co. from bringing you our latest and greatest designs.

These releases are highlighted by Maxim’s updated take on traditional form factors in the Coraline and Conoid collection. The former takes the classic down-light chandelier and updates it with a 2020 flair, while the Conoid is a sleek and stylish rendition of a modern outdoor wall sconce. There have also been updates to some of our top-selling collections with new finishes available.

The newest collections from ET2 emphasize shape and form. With the Cono, Fungo, and Palla collections, the standard cone pendant is reinterpreted in a myriad of different form factors and materials.  Meanwhile, abstract collections like the Perpetual and Union emphasize the art factor in lighting design.

To view these collections along with the rest of our new releases, please visit us here.


Maxim Lighting and ET2 have always pushed the boundary on what is possible in the lighting world. As we celebrate our 50th year, we continue to look ahead at what’s to come.


Adena Sperling