Industry professionals are increasingly turning to aluminum, as they love the reusable, cost-effective nature of EZ-ACCESS ramps. Photo courtesy of EZ-ACCESS

EZ-ACCESS Modular Access Systems provide ease of access into and out of spaces with elevated entrances. Whether it’s an emergency medical trailer, portable classroom, or polling place, these durable, easy-to-install aluminum ramp systems are ideal when the access need is temporary and will be relocated. The system’s modularity allows for infinite configurations so you can assemble the solution you need to fit each location. When it’s time to relocate the system, you can add or subtract parts easily to meet each site’s specifications, something you simply can’t do with wood or concrete. Mike Johnson, national vice president of commercial and industrial sales at EZ-ACCESS, recently provided even more insight.

The modular design and durability of EZ-ACCESS products make them the best choice for any project, especially ones needing code compliant temporary access. EZ-ACCESS has been designing and manufacturing aluminum ramps and other access systems for more than 35 years, so we’ve worked with nearly every type of site—from portable jobsite offices to stages, stadiums, and distribution facilities. Most sites require ramps at exit doors for accessible egress, and EZ-ACCESS has what it takes to safely get people where they need to be.

Our systems’ modular design with high-quality, prefabricated components make them not only highly mobile, but also easy to install, take apart, reuse, and even store or transport, which you can’t say of wood or concrete. While wood and concrete have their uses, it’s nearly impossible to un-install, reuse, and store or transport ramps made of these materials. Our systems also sit atop the ground using self-supporting base feet so no poured concrete footers are needed, adding to the ramps’ portability.

At this growing high school, EZ-ACCESS replaced deteriorating wood ramps for a number of existing portable classrooms, as well as designed a series of ramp, step, and platform systems for their new portable classrooms. Photo courtesy of EZ-ACCESS

The beauty of our simple product solutions, in part, is that you can get a modular ramp that fits any space’s needs. There’s no need for heavy duty equipment, because our systems use universal hardware for fast, easy install every time. We use our commercial grade ramp system, the TITANTM Code Compliant Modular Access System, versatilely in situations where temporary access is needed. It has a variety of options—including length, width, and handrail style—to suit the functional and aesthetic needs of any structure. It can also be construct-ed and adjusted to accommodate each site and reach a range of entry point heights.

Our standard product ships in 24 to 48 hours and can be installed the same day as arrival for convenient deployment and redeployment. No matter your situation, EZ-ACCESS has a simple access solution fit for your project.

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