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Most of National Gypsum’s PURPLE products are available nationwide, either in stock at major stores or easy to order and arrive within days. Photo courtesy of National Gypsum

When installers call our National Gypsum helpline, they’re often calling with questions about noise reduction. How can they build to reduce unwanted sound transmitting from one room to another, and what can they do to address it once a project is complete? Our pros are well versed in every scenario—we’ve literally written the book on it (The SoundBook 2.0), with more than 300 assemblies that address the most common issues.

We pride ourselves on being the thought leader in many areas. Noise or unwanted sound is important to us because it’s important to our customers. For example, we could have stuck with our regular SoundBreak XP Wall Board—already a strong product—and said here’s a one size fits all solution. Instead we created a family of products to address noise issues in the field.

ATE National Gypsum

Photo courtesy of National Gypsum

As part of the SoundBreak family, our 5/8-inch SoundBreak XP has an acoustically enhanced, high-density fire resistant Type X gypsum core in heavy, abrasion, mold, mildew, and moisture resistant National Gypsum PURPLE paper. SoundBreak XP offers superior sound damping to keep noise out, so it’s perfect between hotel rooms, office spaces, doctors’ offices, and more. This line includes a Retrofit product with all of the same benefits as SoundBreak XP, but that reduces waste, too. This new product stops noise from bleeding through but does not require demolition; you can simply apply it over the existing structure, and the noise is significantly reduced. It gets rid of all the waste and all those things that go into ripping into or demolishing the interior of a building. If you’re going to keep the existing walls, you can put this product right over top of them.

We’ve also got a new SoundBreak XP Ceiling Board product that reduces noise between floors. All of our SoundBreak products perform really well with high-pitched noises like voices and TVs, but the ceiling board is even thicker—it’s about three-quarters of an inch—and it’s for floor-ceiling assemblies. Let’s say you have a hardwood floor on top of a living area in a multi-family application. If someone is wearing high heels overhead, this panel does a phenomenal job of dispersing that sound and making it less audible down below.

ATE National Gypsum

John Bianchi, Gypsum System Products Manager, National Gypsum


John Bianchi has been in the industry for almost a decade. He knows exceptional products, and that includes PURPLE gypsum.

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