Viega recently announced the availability of new products in its MegaPress® and ProPress® product lines. The expanded line of ball valves completes the MegaPress system and is ideal for commercial and industrial applications, including gas applications. All the valves have Viega’s SmartConnect® technology, which helps installers easily identify unpressed connections during a pressure test.

The new products being added to the line of MegaPress ball valves are:

MegaPress Ball Valve ½” to 2” (EPDM Sealing Element). A full port valve featuring a carbon steel body, double-stem seal, stainless steel ball, and a lockable handle.

MegaPress FKM Ball Valve ½” to 2” (FKM Sealing Element). this valve has the same carbon steel body, double-stem seal, stainless steel ball, and lockable handle, yet features an FKM sealing element which is designed for use in higher-temperature applications. The 2-½” to 4” valves feature a carbon steel body, chrome-plated ball and an SST lockable handle.

MegaPress 304 FKM Ball Valve ½” to 4” (FKM Sealing Element). This valve features a 304 stainless steel body, double-stem seal, stainless steel ball, and lockable handle. The combination of the FKM sealing element and the 304 stainless steel makes this option ideal for harsh environments that require higher operating temperatures.

MegaPress 316 Ball Valve ½” to 4” (EPDM Sealing Element). This valve works in a variety of harsh environments, including cleaning agents, acid, and potable water. It is made of a 316 stainless steel body featuring a double-stem seal, a stainless steel ball, and lockable handle.

MegaPressG Ball Valve 2 ½” to 4” (HNBR Sealing Element). Now available in large diameters, the valves feature an HNBR sealing element at the press-ends which is compatible with fuel and gas applications.

MegaPress 316 Check Valve (EPDM Sealing Element). The check valve helps create directional flow of fluid in one direction while preventing fluid from flowing back. It is ideal for industrial applications, including potable water, rainwater, chilled and hydronic water.

“After 10 years of success, it’s exciting to have the MegaPress portfolio grow with maintenance-free MegaPress ball valves that enable fast, safe and efficient installation from ½” to 4″. MegaPress 316 spring check valves are a useful addition to the MegaPress 316 portfolio and carry an NSF®-61-372 listing,” said Christian Becker, product manager of valves at Viega.

Viega also released two new products for the ProPress system—the ProPress Manual Balancing Valve and ProPress 316 ECO Tubing. The ProPress 316 ECO Tubing is a stainless-steel alternative to copper. It’s engineered for commercial potable systems where the piping may come into contact with corrosivecleaning liquids. It is compatible with ProPress 316 fittings and is a great option for potable water, air, acidic and cleaning solution applications.

The Viega ProPress Manual Balancing Valve features an adjustable handle with an integral scale visible on the side used to increase or decrease the flow rate. The two pressure-test ports are used to measure the differential pressure across the seat of the valve, which can be used to calculate the flow rate. The ProPress Manual Balancing Valve is suitable for commercial applications, including potable and hydronic systems.

“Our customers now have more options to use press technology for a larger number of applications,” said Luke Paulo, manager of product portfolio development at Viega. “The new ProPress 316 ECO tubing is a natural extension to our existing ProPress 316 line. It carries an NSF®-61-372 listing, which means our ProPress 316 system can be used in potable water systems.”

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