Oatey Co., a leading plumbing manufacturer since 1916, announced the launch of L.R. Brands, the latest innovation from the brand that has been the top choice of professional plumbers for more than a century. From elegantly engineered total shower and bath solutions to freestanding tub drains, L.R. Brands is the home for design-minded individuals. Built on Oatey’s heritage of quality and named after L.R. Oatey, who founded Oatey Co. in 1916, L.R. Brands is meant to be the one thing that contractors, designers, and customers will all agree upon.

L.R. Brands is comprised of two brands with a shared commitment to craftsmanship—QuickDrain and 1916 Collection. A premier manufacturer of curbed and curbless shower solutions, QuickDrain pushes the boundaries of bathroom design with custom-feeling shower solutions, including WallDrain, ShowerLine, ProLine, SquareDrain, and BenchSeat. The newly established 1916 Collection is a portfolio of thoughtfully designed, exceptionally engineered bath accessories, including its recently launched Freestanding Tub Drain, that enhance both the form and function of every bath experience.

“At Oatey, we are craftsmen at heart,” says Katherine Lehtinen, Senior Vice President, Brand and Digital Marketing. “We pay attention to the finer details—it’s who we are, and it’s what our customers expect. That’s the inspiration behind L.R. Brands. We’re building on our heritage brands, known for their quality behind the wall, to bring new bathroom solutions to the table that help you elevate the design you had in mind.”

For more information, visit www.lrbrands.com or follow L.R. Brands on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.