Oatey Co., a leading manufacturer in the plumbing industry since 1916, recently announced that its 2024 social media Ambassador Program will include six newly added plumbing influencers and seven returning Ambassadors. In addition, the company selected four of its tenured Ambassadors as All-Star Ambassadors, establishing a new, prestigious tier of the industry-leading influencer program.

The 2024 class of new Oatey Ambassadors includes Tucker Baney, Nick Hotujec, David Williams, Rob Lupton, Schuyler Mooney, and Grant Blundell, collectively representing a diverse range of plumbing and building expertise from across North America. The new Ambassadors join returning Oatey Ambassadors Evan Berns,Colin Luttrell, Nick Parlet, Jeff Keller, Nick Meritt, Justin Noftle, and Jesharelah (Shay) Lorette.

Oatey Ambassadors champion Oatey and its family of brands through unique, authentic multimedia content and advocacy across social media and beyond. As an extension of the Oatey team, Ambassadors partner with the company on social media events, giveaways, trade shows, podcasts and more to bring the story of Oatey brands and products to life.

Ambassadors also have the opportunity to travel to Oatey’s industry-leading training facility, Oatey University, for an annual two-day Ambassador Fest event that immerses them in the culture of Oatey and builds lasting connections to the brand, company and associates. During Ambassador Fest, Ambassadors participate in hands-on training, tour Oatey’s manufacturing facility and visit Oatey’s world headquarters for a meet-and-greet with associates. Through the many touchpoints of the program, Ambassadors benefit from expanded visibility and reach for their personal brand across the digital landscape.

Oatey’s newly designated All-Star Ambassadors include Danielle Browne, Thomas Young, Robert Broccolo, and Germaine Nelson. Each of these Ambassadors has been part of the Oatey Ambassador Program for several years, displaying an impressive passion for Oatey, as well as a commitment to the Ambassador Program and the plumbing community at large. As All-Star Ambassadors, the influencers can remain in the Ambassador Program beyond its standard two-year duration, continuing to enjoy program perks in addition to enhanced partnership opportunities with Oatey.

“It is a great privilege for Oatey to partner with so many talented plumbing influencers through our Ambassador Program,” says Katherine Lehtinen, senior vice president of marketing at Oatey. “As this program continues to grow, we remain incredibly grateful for our Ambassadors’ partnership and support.

“We are committed to amplifying their talents and love for all things Oatey while supporting their career growth in the markets they serve and the platforms on which they publish,” Lehtinen says. “We are especially pleased to welcome six new Ambassadors this year, as well as to recognize our All-Star Ambassadors, whose passion and support have been unparalleled over the past several years.”­­

Individuals interested in becoming a future Oatey Ambassador can submit their information on the Oatey website for consideration.