Moderco can improve any space with flexible partition solutions.

rivero mestre law group meeting room

Moderco adapted the Rivero Mestre law office space to allow for more daylight and better acoustics. [Photo: Courtesy of Moderco]

Office design is constantly changing. Ten years ago it was all about openness—large shared office spaces that encouraged interaction and collaboration. That was until people realized the open office meant more distractions and minimal privacy. “Once we opened spaces, people started to realize there was too much noise. They were distracted by all the talking,” says Jean-Martin Roy, vice president of operable partition designer and manufacturer Moderco.

Moderco is making strides in improving the open office concept by giving companies the ability to have a little more privacy when needed. Their operable glass partitions meet acoustical ratings while still allowing sunlight to flow through, keeping occupants happy. The partitions provide the versatility to close a room for a meeting or open the space to accommodate an office party. “We needed to close the spaces, but we also wanted to keep the daylight in and allow people to see outside,” Roy says. “They needed partitions you could move, but they also needed them to be made of glass.”

The first acoustical-rated glass partition Moderco produced was in early 2000—at a time when demand was minimal, though they gradually saw an increase. Over the past 20 years, Moderco’s acoustical glass partition sales have quadrupled. “Architects and designers want to ensure light is coming in,” Roy says. “Human beings are like that. They feel better and act better when they can see outside. No one wants to be closed up in an office.”

Being environmentally conscious is extremely important to Moderco. The company utilizes LEED v4 criteria in the production of all partitions. They use as much raw, recyclable material as feasible. Currently, 80% of their product can be recycled. Moderco is also working on developing a new product that will be even more environmentally friendly than the substrates they currently use, Roy says. “It is important for everyone, especially for the next generation, to pay attention to the environment,” he says. “We want to do something on our side to make sure our kids get to live in a clean environment.”

Limitless Possibilities

No task is out of the question—at least not to start—with Moderco. The company will take on any special request and work with the architect and designers to find a way to make dream s come true, Roy says. They enjoy the challenge and the design possibilities. “Our materials are always evolving,” he says.

When designing Quantico Middle/High School on a U.S. Marine Corps Base in Virginia, architect Frederic Bishop of Waller, Todd, Sadler called on Moderco to see if they could help in the design of the operable glass partitions with doors, a special lock system, and blinds integral to the partitions. “It was the first time we have worked with a system like that, and Moderco was very cooperative and accommodating,” Bishop says.

Moderco recently walked us through some of the most exciting ways they have used operable glass partitions to increase versatility in the open office.


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1: 3Cinteractive,
Boca Raton, Florida

3c interactive moderco

[Photo: Courtesy of Moderco]

The mobile marketing company 3Cinteractive reached out to Moderco for help when they decided to divide their centrally located meeting room. The building had already achieved LEED Gold status and the owner did not want to add anything that would disrupt the flow of sunlight. They also wanted marker boards inside the partitions to use during meetings. Moderco had never installed marker boards inside their crystal partitions before but decided to take on the challenge. The engineering department developed a special channel to secure the marker boards inside the partitions and make sure room occupants could not see any gaps.

2: Quantico Middle/High School,
Quantico, Virginia

quantico moderco

[Photo: Courtesy of Moderco]

The U.S. Corp of Engineers designed classrooms in Quantico to open up into large areas where kids can interact during the day. They came to Moderco because they wanted operable glass partitions to divide the classrooms that could be easily moved to create larger spaces. They also wanted the partitions to contain a special locking system to use during a potential lockdown and inner blinds that could come down to
increase security and privacy. Adapting the lock to the partitions was a challenge for Moderco, whose engineers had to re-adapt the locking system to make it fit. A special redesigned locking system acceptable to the U.S. Corps of Engineers was developed, approved, and installed.

3: Rivero Mestre, LLP
Miami, Florida

rivero mestre law office reception

[Photo: Courtesy of Moderco]

The Rivero Mestre, LLP law firm wanted to add two meeting rooms to its lobby area. The firm already had a fixed glass-wall meeting area that’s common in many office spaces but wanted additional space, with the option to open up the space and use the front lobby for functions. It was important to the company to keep the flow of daylight while also meeting acoustic requirements. Moderco was successful in adapting their panels so that when they were opened they could all be pushed away into a corner.

4: WPP of
Toronto, Canada

wpp moderco

[Photo: Courtesy of Moderco]

Advertising and marketing company WPP wanted more than just a room for a meeting space. They wanted to be able to easily convert the space from a meeting room to an open area as needed. Moderco helped them get there by installing their operable glass partitions and adapting the color and design elements of the panels to fit the current decor of the office. Moderco designed the partitions such that they could be easily moved out of the way to accommodate larger functions that may be held in the center of the office space.

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