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Courtesy of Oslo Innovation Week

Oslo Innovation Week is a time when some of the world’s most innovative leaders get together to present their latest ideas in Oslo, Norway. While this year’s conference is happening on couches and around coffee tables instead of in conference rooms or outside along the fjord, it’s set to stir up some of the most creative conversations yet. All are invited to attend this digital week of talks and workshops from September 21 to 25. Choose from more than 70 events across topics like sustainable energy and green tech, health innovation, and the future of work. Here are five highlights.

1. Financing the Energy Transition—How to Make It Happen

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Photo by Gorme K Gaare

Kristin Aamodt is investment director at ArcTern Ventures and specialist in financing the energy transition. Based in Oslo, Kristin is responsible for sourcing investment opportunities in European Markets.

2. Oslo Freedom Forum

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Courtesy of Oslo Innovation Week

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will speak as part of the 2020 Oslo Freedom Forum alongside leaders and activists like Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang, Uyghur journalist Gulchehra Hoja, and exiled Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Nathan Law.

3. Leveraging Different Ways of Working to Positively Impact Society

Espen Løberg, the senior director at Cisco and leader of Webex Rooms Product Management, is the global market leader in video conferencing and co-creation. The team is on a constant mission to transform workplaces across the globe, and Espen will share his insights.

4. Exploring Food Tech

Mette Lykke, cofounder of social fitness network Endomondo and CEO of Too Good To Go, leads a team of more than 600 in Copenhagen. The Too Good to Go app has more than 23 million users across 15 countries, who collectively have saved more than 43 million meals to date.

5. Autonomy for a Sustainable Future

Explore how continued innovations in tech are allowing for more sustainability in shipping and process automation. An important part of this transformational shift is autonomy, and you can hear from Kongsberg Maritime about just what the shipping solutions and safety and automation systems of the future may look like, in the marine industry and beyond.

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