steelcase brody worklounge desk

Steelcase’s Brody Worklounge is comfortable, good-looking, and incorporates recycled materials. [photo: Courtesy of Steelcase]

Brody Worklounge

The Brody Worklounge provides a comfortable way to work in any office. This lounge desk has a padded chair with patented LiveLumbar™ support technology, so your back has support no matter how long you work. The chair includes a moveable desk so you can bring your work to eye level for minimal neck strain. The enclosed space also enhances performance. The Brody Worklounge is made from 14% recycled materials, and Steelcase has received sustainable-focused certifications like Cradle to Cradle, SCS Indoor Advantage, LEVEL® by BIFMA, and OEKO-TEX.

tecspecialty power grout

[Photo: Courtesy of H.B. Fuller Construction Products]

Power Grout

This Tecspecialty product is a powerful material in construction. The grout works well in wet conditions, as it has the lowest absorption of water and it resists mold and mildew. It’s also stain-proof and never requires sealing. Power Grout resists cracks and shrinking so its structure stays strong. The grout can support high foot traffic—it can exceed 10,000 psi compressive strength—so it can be used in many settings, from residential to heavy weight-bearing commercial sites. The grout sets fairly fast, performing most functions within four hours of placement.

herringbone splash aerelight

TEC® Power Grout® DeLorean Gray was used in the space at Regenstrief Institute in Indianapolis as well as on four flights of steel stairs, which were covered in large format tiles. [Photo: Courtesy of Aerelight]

Aerelight A1

This desk light has no bulbs or heavy metals. Instead, the Aerelight A1 uses LED technology, producing light through organic carbon-based dyes—it’s the world’s first consumer-ready OLED lamp. This technique creates light without creating heat, so the lamp will never burn your finger. Its brightness is adjustable, so it can produce anything from super bright light to a softer glow. The design is elegant, with a wooden base where you can adjust brightness. The base also acts as a wireless charger so you can charge your phone simply by placing it on the lamp.

bentley outlier borderland extremity carpet

[Photo: Courtesy of Bentley]


Texture and pattern make this new, modular carpet from Bentley Mills pop. Its blend of geometry and color adds fun to any room while maintaining a sophisticated look. The carpet is sustainable and has received many environmental certificates, including Cradle to Cradle, NSF® 140, and CRI Green Label Plus. It comes in many cushion tiles and hardback tile sizes so you can customize your floor. “Offices and hospitality and retail spaces are responding to our desire to infuse more of the design elements we love most about our homes,” says Sherry Dreger, Bentley’s vice president of marketing.