editors pick union centre

[Photo: Courtesy of Bjarke Ingels Group]

Toronto’s Union Centre

Green roofs are appearing all over the world, but what about rooftop forests? Bjarke Ingels Group has designed Union Centre—a 1.7-million-square-foot skyscraper planned for downtown Toronto—with a multi-tiered forest on the roof. Featuring trees and other plant life, this next-generation green roof will place the natural world front-and-center in Toronto’s skyline.

editors pick mean green

[Photo: Courtesy of Mean Green Mowers]

Mean Green Mowers

Since 2008 Mean Green Mowers has been on a mission to replace gas-guzzling, CO2-emitting commercial lawn mowers with fully electric, emission-free models. The CXR 52/60 is a full-size,  zero turn mower with power to match gasoline powered models. Charged overnight, it can run for a full day of quiet, fuel-free work. An optional solar canopy shades the driver while extending the life of the mower between charges, and an optional blower cleans up debris with no gasoline needed.

editrs pick luum tiltshift chair

[Photo: Courtesy of Luum Textiles]

LUUM Tilt Shift

Part of LUUM’s Future Tense textile collection by Suzanne Tick, Tilt Shift looks to the future of fabric. Fast fashion yields hot looks, cheap clothes, and tons of wasted material. But what if we gave that throwaway fabric a second life? Tilt Shift is made from apparel waste that is color sorted, shredded, and respun into 11 color schemes. Featuring a stain repellent finish and an isometric print designed to shift your perspective, this fabric embodies a future with less waste and more foresight.

editors pick caia closeup side

[Photo: Courtesy of Solenica]


This solar-powered robot is being developed by Solenica to effortlessly bring natural light into the dark corners of your home. Using artificial intelligence to track the sun throughout the day and bounce its light to a specified location, Caia lets you turn the lights off and catch some natural rays. Track Caia’s path to production, or back the product yourself, online.

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