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Challenger Designs offers the most comprehensive solution for transforming your outdoor space. Photo courtesy of Steven Long Photography

Whether you’re an expert griller who’s looking to upgrade your culinary equipment or an avid entertainer hoping to transform your outdoor space, Challenger Designs has an outdoor kitchen solution to fit your needs. From its humble roots designing cabinets for RVs and utility trailers, Challenger Designs has quickly gained momentum over the past eight years to lead the market for customizable outdoor kitchens. The family-owned firm, based in Nappanee, Indiana, prides itself in manufacturing all of its products in the U.S. With hundreds of cabinet, countertop, and accessory options to choose from, transforming your patio into a fully functional outdoor kitchen has never been easier.

Challenger Designs

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Analyze the Space

The first step in creating the ideal outdoor kitchen is to consider how you plan to utilize the space. “We always begin the process by asking customers, ‘What are your intentions for the space?’” says Mark Schmucker, sales manager at Challenger Designs. “Some want to create an outdoor entertainment area while others are more focused on the culinary aspect of the outdoor kitchen and picture the space as an extension of their home.” It’s also important to consider any constraints the existing patio may present. Fortunately Challenger Designs offers custom outdoor kitchens tailored uniquely for any location. Plus, the company’s in-house designers provide 3-D renderings of the design prior to installation so you can visualize your outdoor kitchen and make adjustments as needed.

Challenger Designs

The Coastal Series offers up pre-assembled options that make installation quick and easy. Photo courtesy of Steven Long Photography

Consider Aesthetics

Once you’ve settled on the intended functionality of your outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to dive deeper into the aesthetics of the space. Challenger Designs offers an extensive variety of design options, including six cabinet color choices as well as five countertop finish options and two cabinet door styles. “We have a solution for pretty much any need in the market,” Schmucker says. In addition to the nearly endless design options of its custom outdoor kitchens, Challenger Designs offers two additional series of standardized kitchen solutions. The Coastal Series includes 10 models of pre-designed kitchen islands that are shipped assembled and require no installation upon arrival—so they’re perfect for the customer looking for a simple, elegant addition to their outdoor space. The Canyon Series, which includes a variety of fully enclosed inserts as well as door and frame inserts, is ideal for customers who want to build storage into their own application, like a stone island.

Challenger Designs

Challenger Designs works with you to consider what you might want in the future, too. Photo courtesy of Challenger Designs

Plan for the Future

The versatility of Challenger Designs’ outdoor kitchens means you can easily start small and add on to your space in the future. For example, some customers begin with a simple kitchen island from the Coastal Series and build on additional features from the Custom Series as their needs grow. This means planning ahead is critical. “What customers will want to consider is, will they want to add on or modify the space in the future?” Schmucker says. “For example, adding plumbing can be very disruptive to a patio. It’s best to plan out what you need ahead of time while a contractor is still there.”

Challenger Designs

Solutions are built to stand up to rust and aging so you can enjoy your space all year. Photo courtesy of Reveal Design LLC

Aim for Quality

It’s important to remember your outdoor kitchen must be built with the highest quality in mind in order to withstand extreme weather conditions year after year. That’s why Challenger Designs’ outdoor kitchen solutions are made from 100% aluminum and feature a powder coated finish, making them both durable and low maintenance. “Our solutions outperform every other product—it won’t rust, it doesn’t swell in the heat, and it’s not going to fade,” Schmucker says. Plus, the kitchen cabinetry features completely sealed and gasketed doors and drawers, keeping water and pests out and allowing for year-round, weatherproof storage. “Anything that’s stored in our cabinetry is ready for use any time of year,” explains Schmucker. “Customers have told us that even their paper towels stored in the cabinets don’t get damp.” This helps to extend the time customers are able to utilize their outdoor kitchens, allowing for grilling even in the dead of winter.

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