[Photo: Courtesy of The Palazzo Manfredi]

Just steps from where the Palazzo Manfredi now stands, ancient gladiators once trained to fight in the Colosseum. Now, this exclusive Roman hotel features some of the best views of the largest amphitheater ever built, along with a Michelin-starred restaurant and a variety of accommodations to fit any need—from executive rooms to family suites.

The Palazzo Manfredi’s impressive surroundings are full of beauty and history. “Location, location, location. What other hotel offers you the luxury of discovering the symbols of ancient Rome within a 0-to-7-minute radius?” says Bruno Papaleo, manager of Palazzo Manfredi. Walk across the street and you’ll even find Oppian Hill Park, home to ancient ruins.

From the moment you enter this boutique hotel, you’ll sense the extravagance and sophistication of the noble Manfredi family. On top of outstanding hospitality, the Palazzo Manfredi also has an eye for wellness and sustainability.

Colosseum view

[Photo: Courtesy of The Palazzo Manfredi]

Manfredi and Colosseum

On the Palazzo Manfredi’s turret are two Latin inscriptions—“Fortuna duce,” with fortune as a guide, and “Virtute Comite,” with virtue as a companion. [Photo: Courtesy of Palazzo Manfredi]

History of the Palazzo Manfredi

In the 17th century, architect Giovanni Battista Mola designed the Palazzo Manfredi to be a beautiful villa for the Evangelisti family. The building then passed to the Venerable Fraternity of the Holy Trinity of Pilgrims and Convalescents, as commemorated today by two stones on the façade. The villa was then rebuilt to become the hunting lodge of the noble Guidi family—from 1748, the area was known as “Giardino Guidi.”

Fast-forward to when Count Goffredo Manfredi purchased the property in 2002, and he created one of the area’s most renowned hotels. Manfredi is one of Rome’s most notable public figures, celebrated for his creative entrepreneurial spirit and elegant sense of hospitality.

Aroma Restaurant

The team of chefs at Aroma Restaurant believes in creating unforgettable Italian meals. [Photo: Courtesy of The Palazzo Manfredi]

Aroma Restaurant Daytime

[Photo: Courtesy of The Palazzo Manfredi]

Sustainable Dining

The hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant Aroma serves classic Italian cuisine while following a sustainable mission, complete with traditional Italian ingredients. 

Since the restaurant opened in 2010, Chef Giuseppe di Iorio has developed a mouth-watering menu that offers five varieties of pasta. Chef Di lorio is a strong supporter of sustainable fish, having removed all tuna from the menu, and he also uses fresh local produce in his cuisine. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the beautiful restaurant’s outdoor terrace overlooks the Colosseum. 

Family Suite Palazzo Manfredi

The luxurious Family Suite has two adjoining bedrooms with king-sized beds and two bathrooms with a marble bathtub and glass shower cubicle. [Photo: Courtesy of The Palazzo Manfredi]

Wellness & Hospitality

Need a relaxing start or end to the day? The Palazzo Manfredi partners with wellness centers in Rome for massage services based on both western and eastern traditions. If fitness is your way of life, there is a mini-gym at the heart of the hotel. With personal trainers available, you can stay in shape between your relaxation sessions.

The Palazzo Manfredi cares about your comfort night and day. Select your pillow preference à la carte—from ortho-cervical memory foam to traditional down pillows.

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