Andy Albright is the president and CEO of the National Agents Alliance, an insurance marketing organization located in Burlington, North Carolina. As a growing firm with clients and associates nationwide, “The Alliance,” as they are called, takes countless cross-country sales trips. To make this process more convenient and add a bit of style at the same time, Andy got the company two personal jets and their very own air hangar to house them in. But when Andy Albright and The Alliance does something, they make sure to do it right.

So, along with their new hangar they wanted to provide a special space for their pilots and employees to sit back and relax before and after flights. He envisioned a place that would offer top-of-the-line lodgings, while also being classy enough to host their very own NAA corporate events.


Albright and the NAA turned to Tri-Lift NC, Inc. to tackle this new project. Working with Panel Built, Inc. numerous times in the past, Tri-Lift decided that using the Panel Built modular office system would be a perfect fit for this application.

The end result was a 3,800 square foot two-story inplant building with all the amenities and features you could ask for. Using an interior decorator to ensure the highest quality, the building contains is own sleeping quarters, restrooms, kitchen space, pool tables, ping-pong tables, flat-screen TVs, and a fully stocked bar. The top floor features full glass panels to provide a full, clear view of the hangar below. The world-class facility is located only 5 short miles away from the NAA corporate office and still has plenty of room to house the company’s two corporate jets.

Panel Built Delivers

The two-story modular building is 18 feet by 106 feet by 20 feet overall. The exterior wall panels utilize a steel/gypsum wall panel with black steel on the outside and dove gray inside, while the interior walls are fully dove gray gypsum/gypsum panels with a divider strip connections. Two IBC stair systems are used to reach the building’s 10-foot second floor. The top floor is made of 1.5” Steel N-Decking as well as steel beams every 4 feet in order to give it a 35 PSF rating.