Gerber Danze Bathroom plumbing fixtures

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Gerber shares their bathroom designer’s guide to efficient plumbing fixtures.

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Since 1932, Gerber has been working in tandem with plumbing professionals to develop reliable, high-performing bathroom and kitchen products. “The benefits of working so closely to service the professional directly carries over to the designer, homeowner, and others,” says Kevin McJoynt, vice president of marketing. “If your plumber uses it in their house and recommends it to their customers, you know it’s good—that’s the relationship we’ve built in the field.”

Danze by Gerber is a 20-year-old brand that came into the market when their parent company saw a need for high-design faucet products at affordable prices. “We’ve become known for our design and as a breath of fresh air in a very crowded faucet category,” McJoynt says. “People who have [found] Danze by Gerber appreciate the fact that they’ve ‘discovered’ it and that not everyone has it.” The brand has since expanded to include elegant showerheads and more.

Customers won’t find either brand at big-box retailers; Gerber and Danze are both sold through plumbing wholesale channels as well as select places like plumbing and decorative showrooms. The Danze brand recently transformed itself to associate more directly to Gerber, borrowing on the performance and reputation aspects while marrying it with the high design Danze has become known for. “Design has become such an integral part of everyday life for people,” McJoynt says.

It’s true. Whether in a commercial or residential setting, people want to have nice things. And why have the most beautiful products in your home but stop at the bathroom? You can have the feel of luxury there, too. These are some of the top new products that can elevate the style—and functionality—of your bathroom.

Gerber Avalanche toilet plumbing fixtures

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Avalanche Concealed Trapway One-Piece Toilet

Gerber’s Avalanche Concealed Trapway One-Piece Toilet combines a one-piece configuration and a concealed trapway, making it an attractive yet hard-working toilet. The large, two-inch, fully glazed trapway ensures clog-free waste removal. It also comes with a color-matched, metal side-tank lever with a solid durable brass arm to complement any bathroom décor. For professionals, installation is easy and for homeowners, cleaning is easy.

“Our concealed trapway or simple concealed trapway toilets fall right in line with any other beautiful furniture or fixture you’d specify for that room,” says Lovin Saini, Gerber’s senior product manager. “The concealed, or skirted, trapway makes the base of the toilet seamless and hides the unsightly drain or pipe contours.”

Like most Gerber toilets, it is WaterSense approved, which means it flushes at a very efficient rate, saving thousands of gallons of water every year, or 20% less than traditional models. “Environmental standards typically impact the function of the product much more than the design of it; we just happen to build that functionality into a pretty product,” Saini says.

Standard with the Avalanche collection, this design includes a three-inch flush valve, Fluidmaster fill valve and dual-siphon jet. The Fluidmaster fill valve ensures a durable, long-lasting, anti-siphon operation and easy replacement, while the extra-large, dual-fed siphon jets increase the force of the flush, clearing the bowl effectively.

“We love the evolution of toilet design as it heads more and more toward that of concealed trapways,” Saini says. “Plumbing professionals know the product will work every time because of Gerber’s commitment to ‘interior innovations,’ but homeowners, designers, and builders can love the look of these toilets from the outside, too. The concealed trapway gives the base of the toilet a smooth, sleek, and almost tailored look that is easy to clean and maintain.”

Avalanche Elite toilet Gerber plumbing fixtures

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Gerber Avalanche Elite Toilet

The Avalanche Elite toilet line by Gerber is proof that not all toilets are created equal and can be a beautiful piece within any bathroom décor, Saini says. The Avalanche Elite toilet features a modernized contemporary design with a “simple” semi-concealed trapway. It also offers a more sleek, refined look than most two-piece toilets and is less blocky and bulky than some of the fully skirted options.

“The trapway is built separately from the body by expert craftsmen who focus intently on the shape, diameter, angles, and texture of this vital piece,” Saini says. “The simple concealed trapway makes the toilet easier and quicker to install than many competitive skirted toilets—much like a standard two-piece toilet. For installation, there’s no special hardware or bolt alignment required, there’s no interference with the water supply/angle stop, and the seat can easily be installed before or after the bowl is installed. The unique design keeps maintenance low, makes it easy to clean, adds style and can instantly modernize any bathroom within most budget parameters.”

Saini says, the Avalanche Elite has one of the highest-performing flushing systems on the market. The streamlined, compact intake and rim design helps channel water at a higher speed, which adds force to help scrub off stains and toilet paper. This flushing system also has 50% more line carry than the national standard, ensuring there are no hidden clogs under the toilet or in the pipes.

Another valuable feature to trade professionals and homeowners is the toilet’s extra-large base. The Avalanche Elite’s enlarged, rectangular “footprint” means it will most likely cover any old or dirty flooring or damage caused by the previous toilet. It is an ideal selection for a remodel, renovation or replacement job.

Gerber Wicker Park Sinks plumbing fixtures

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Gerber Wicker Park Sinks

Gerber recently expanded its Wicker Park sink collection by adding several new rectangular and square lavatory sink options.

As is the case with Danze by Gerber’s products and other high-design bathroom and kitchen products, what happens on the inside of the faucet or shower component doesn’t have to get in the way of the design. Customers can have both. In general, sinks are noticeably better looking than toilets, even if a customer has a highly designed toilet option. For sinks, Gerber likes to suggest undermount sinks to create a seamless countertop line yet also appreciates sinks that have a profile—for example, those that sit one to two inches on top of the counter. Again, each sink can add beauty to the space, but it all depends on what type of look the homeowner seeks.

“With the rising popularity of contemporary design and interesting shapes, angles, and lines within bathroom décor, the new rectangular and square sinks from Gerber meet a growing need in the marketplace,” Saini says. “The sinks have been designed to marry aesthetics and high functionality—making them a great choice for home renovations, hotel applications, commercial uses, and much more.”

The rectangular sink featured in the photo mirrors a vessel option by sitting on the counter, but fits like a drop-in sink for a deeper basin. It is 7.25 inches as opposed to many competitive options that are less than seven inches in depth. The overall size of the sink is slightly smaller to accommodate space saving, which has become a growing need in residential and commercial applications.

The sink is offered in a white finish, which provides a style extension to the Wicker Park collection of toilets, such as a two-piece toilet product or a one-piece concealed trapway option. It’s also offered as a pedestal sink.

Mid Town Single Handle Sink Gerber plumbing fixtures

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Danze by Gerber Mid-town Single Handle

Statement pieces in kitchen and baths are in demand for industry professionals and homeowner alike, who seek unique designs and finishes from manufacturers. With that in mind, Danze continues to expand its satin black finish into several products, including its popular Mid-town collection.

“Our finish is very matte looking—as opposed to glossy—which makes for a beautiful contrast in rooms featuring white tile, white cabinets, complementing black appliances, popular gray cabinets or painted walls and many other design strategies,” says Katie Hayes, Danze’s senior product manager.

Single-hole, single-handle bath faucets also have become a very popular trend. The company says it gives a clean look to any bathroom countertop and makes temperature control and overall operation easy.

In typical Danze fashion, Hayes says, the Mid-town faucets are made with solid brass construction, ceramic disc valves, and other components that ensure durability and reliability. “Clean, simple lines and color are often ways to achieve high aesthetics, but again, it’s a very personal choice,” she says. “Some of our favorite Danze bathroom faucets are these single-handle, single-hole faucets because of their simple beauty. We also love the satin black finish that also comes on our Amalfi and South Shore collections. It’s a great way to add color.”

Danze Sirius Custom Shower Gerber plumbing fixtures

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Danze by Gerber Multi-Function Shower

Danze by Gerber offers a range of shower components that allow homeowners, designers, builders, and others to customize their shower experience. “Customizing showers is a great way to make it a personal shower experience: Pairing a handheld shower with a rain shower, for example,” Saini says.

From standard showerheads to overhead rain showers and body sprays to handheld showers, homeowners can mix and match. Additionally, nearly every model features Danze’s “INTENZE” technology to increase water pressure and decrease water costs.

“Maybe 15 or more years ago, people weren’t as dialed into having a beautiful bathroom, which is a purely functional room in the house or in a commercial setting,” Saini says. “However, things are changing now. For example, phones have to look good, appliances have color and style, and so on. Design surrounds us now. Whether it’s in a commercial building or a residential setting, people want to be proud to have guests enjoy their space—bathrooms included. That’s why designers are paying more and more attention to this critical room.”

Gerber Hinsdale Loft plumbing fixtures

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A Danze by Gerber Kitchen

  • The Mid-town single-handle pullout kitchen faucet features the proprietary Snapback retraction system with Grip Lock weight to ensure the spray head is pulled tight to the spout and keeps it snug. The faucet has two functions—spray and aerated stream—and meets federal and state regulations for low lead content.
  • The Sirius soap and lotion dispenser has a contemporary design that adds a beautiful accessory for bathroom or kitchen environments.
  • The Foodie Caliente pre-rinse faucet catches your attention—its red color complements any modern or transitional design—and makes cooking and cleanup easier. The Foodie has a 360-degree swivel and spring action wand so you get the water where you need it.

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