For more than 30 years, Screenflex has been leading the industry with innovative portable room dividers. Easily divide and manage any space with these flexible solutions that are lightweight, sturdy, easy to store, and even help you get work done with seemingly endless options like tackable panels and (even) dry erase panels. We recently sat down with Screenflex Vice President Rich Maas to find out more about the scope of options and how these dividers lend themselves to flexible learning environments.

Administrators, teachers, and students alike benefit from our accordion-style portable classroom dividers. You can easily divide a space into multiple rooms or make a mix of temporary walls with our dividers. Partitions form an “L,” “U,” cross, or curve shapes around desks, and you can connect two or more dividers to make complex configurations or long continuous lengths. Choose between vinyl or fabric-covered portable classroom dividers to match your room’s décor and even add a logo.

portable classroom dividers screenflex gbd magazine

Easily divide educational spaces and display school projects with Screenflex. Photo courtesy of Screenflex

Listening to our customers’ needs is a big part of what we do. Take, for example, what we learned from our work with schools that happen to be in floodplains. While no floor is 100% level, those floors were the worst. Those experiences pushed us to develop our self-leveling casters and position control hinges to ensure our dividers stood straight even in unusual conditions. Our molded position control hinges help the divider remain in the desired configuration, and our full-length hinges continuously connect each panel to adjacent panels for added stability. As a result we offer the only patented stabilized portable room divider.

Our solutions won’t scratch up the floor, either. You can easily roll our products into a gymnasium, for example, breaking that large space into many spaces. Lock the dividers in place and rest easy, as the self-leveling casters are hard rubber, non-marking casters. The spring mechanism we invented helps our dividers stay stable on even the most uneven floors.

portable classroom dividers screenflex gbd magazine

Screenflex portable dividers are quick and easy to set up in any desired configuration. Courtesy of Screenflex

Educators love our dividers for their honeycomb core, which knocks down sound and gives our dividers a tackable surface to display school projects and artwork. Many also turn to us for space planning. If you’re a principal needing to configure extra rooms in a cafeteria or library for after-school programs, just give us your dimensions and we’ll sketch up a plan. Our products and services make managing facilities easier than ever.

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