It’s one thing to think of saving the whales in the abstract, but quite another to see their beautiful songs transposed onto the textiles beneath our feet, reminding us everyday what is at risk if we don’t protect our oceans. The latest collection from Spartanburg, South Carolina-based textile company MillikenWhale Song Carpet—has interpreted the sound patterns produced by four species of our largest water-dwelling mammal and used them as templates for four corresponding carpet designs that transform the spaces they furnish.

Whale Songs and Sounds Inspire a Unique Aesthetic

The collection’s four designs recast sound waves and patterns onto highly textured, loop and tip shear designs. “Capturing the behemoth mammals’ musical spectrum, from steady bass tones to sweeping crescendos—these complex ballads guide and connect us to another world of communication in the depths of the ocean,” the brand says.

Milliken selected four species of whale to inspire each design. Orca, an angular yet organic pattern, represents conversations taking place between the creatures underwater. Narwhal was inspired by the speedy movement of sound through the ocean, which takes place up to four times faster than it does on land. The resulting carpet is full of movement and repetition, creating a pattern that energizes. Humpback toys with scale, offering a lower contrast design with plenty of depth. The fourth pattern of the standard collection is Beluga, a whale species that harkens back to many of our first lessons on marine life and further connects our everyday with the majesty of the ocean. This pattern, like the beluga itself, is graceful and calm. The carpets are available in an 18-color array of Oceanic blues, mossy greens, and sandy off-whites. “Whale Song reminds us that each environment, whether outdoors or inside, tells a story,” says Stacy Walker, director of customer experience for the Milliken floor covering division. “We steward these environments by selecting clean materials to create interiors and manufacturing them responsibly to protect the natural world, dovetailing theses harmonious concepts to create cohesive space.”



Recycled Material Reclaimed from the Oceans

For the material used to create their Whale Song Carpets, Milliken sought to integrate a message about how the beauty of whales helps beautify their environment. “Whale Song is inspired by the life and habitat of the very oceans from which nylon waste is reclaimed,” the brand says in a release. “Made completely from various nylon waste materials, such as abandoned fishing nets, ECONYL yarns breathe new life into old products that would otherwise pollute the world’s oceans and landfills.” The carpets contain, on average, a Total Recycled Content of 55.6%. Additionally, Milliken manufactures the Whale Song collection using 52% renewable energy, and sends no process waste to the landfill.

Improves Interior with Low Toxin Manufacturing

Whale Song’s minimalist carpets also left out unneeded byproducts by ensuring that their materials were PVC-free. PVC, though long lasting and durable, can also stubbornly resist biodegradation. Embracing new designs and patterns responsibly can also mean allowing those designs and materials to cleanly return to their composite parts decades into the future without burdening future generations with their disposal. PVC-free as well, the ES Cushion Backing on the carpet improves air quality and provides 50% more noise reduction than other hard-backed carpets. The collection also carries an Environmental Product Declaration and Declare Living Building Challenge Compliant transparency label, which is a stepping-stone for LEED, the Living Building Challenge, and other green building certifications.



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