QuickDrain USA, a premier manufacturer of curbless and curbed shower solutions, announced the arrival of the SquareDrain point drain—an extension of the QuickDrain total shower solution that reimagines how a drain should look and perform. The new SquareDrain combines fashion and function, helping homeowners, designers, and installers create spa-like bathroom experiences with ease.

The innovative point drain system offers versatility and flexibility in design for both curbed and curbless applications, making it an ideal choice for residential and hospitality. Features like its patented universal flange adaptor make it jobsite ready for new and retrofit applications, like tub-to-shower conversions. It can be installed in two hours and includes an integrated quarter test plug, eliminating the need for extra testing tools and costs.

Once installed, the drain system allows for easy maintenance with a debris basket and cover key included. Additionally, SquareDrain is a sustainable option for those looking to be more eco-friendly. Its site-sizable PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) point pan repurposes up to 600 plastic water bottles per installation.

SquareDrain is available in a variety of sizes and elegant cover designs that appeal to every style and need, including the exclusive Stream cover designed in collaboration with the world-renowned Michael Graves Architecture & Design.

Next month, QuickDrain plans to announce further additions to its line of linear and point drain solutions.


Part of the Oatey family of brands, QuickDrain USA is a premier manufacturer of curbless and curbed shower solutions for showers and wet areas. Since 1916, Oatey has provided reliable, high-quality products for the residential and commercial plumbing industries, with a commitment to delivering quality, building trust and improving lives. Today, Oatey operates a comprehensive manufacturing and distribution network to supply thousands of products for professional builders, contractors, engineers and do-it-yourself consumers around the world. Oatey is based in Cleveland, Ohio, and has locations in the US, Canada, Mexico, and China.


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