Photo courtesy of R.D. Olson Development

We talk with Dennis Reyling, vice president of construction and development for R.D. Olson Development, about why he chose the LG MULTI V VRF series system.

Marriott International’s Autograph Collection portfolio thrives on what it calls the “Mark of Craft”—the singular personality and sense of place that each of its independently owned locations imparts upon its guests. Nowhere is that mark more evident than at Newport Beach’s Lido House, a cozy seaside resort perched beside the West Lido Channel at the nexus of Balboa Peninsula and Lido Isle. One glance at Lido House’s blue-gray paneled walls, relaxed wicker-back chairs, and breezy patios tells the story of the region’s luxurious coastal lifestyle.

But sometimes the things that don’t leave a mark are just as important as the things that do. In the case of necessary mechanical systems such as HVAC, invisibility is often indicative of success. That’s why Dennis Reyling, vice president of construction and development for R.D. Olson Development, chose LG Air Conditioning Technologies’ ultra-quiet LG MULTI VTM VRF series systems when he was working to develop the Lido House property. In Reyling’s view, the less aware guests are of their rooms’ HVAC systems, the more they can focus on the property’s carefully curated environment.


Photo courtesy of R.D. Olson Development

In fact, LG’s VRF is so quiet guests have been known to call the front desk to report that their HVAC system isn’t running, Reyling says. It’s the rare kind of complaint he loves to receive. Luckily, a quick demonstration in which the concierge holds a tissue in front of the air vent to confirm it’s blowing easily assuages any disbelief.

Of course, quiet operation isn’t the only benefit of VRF. The reduction in noise achieved by inverter compressor technology that ramps up and down rather than cycles on and off to match the capacity requirements for the space saves energy while maintaining consistent set temperatures and leading to life cycle; Reyling says it’s a no-brainer.

Similarly, as a result of VRF’s design and the reduced strain its modulating motor places on overall system performance, even maintenance visits are less frequent, allowing for further cost savings and an even more relaxed guest experience.

In addition, its compact design can save a tremendous amount of space in the construction of a development, allowing designers to create spaces that afford guests higher ceilings and more spacious rooms—a boon to the wow factor of any interior but even more vital at a four-star property like Lido House.

“Because of its reliability and flexibility as well as the fact that it’s extremely quiet, LG’s VRF provides a level of comfort that our guests expect,” Reyling says. “Because it’s basically operating at a level the guests aren’t even aware of, they are left undistracted to enjoy the Lido House experience, which celebrates everything that’s special about the Newport Beach coastal lifestyle. That’s where we want their focus, and LG’s VRF allows us to keep it there.”

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