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Reclaiming refrigerants means recycling and reusing them so manufacturers don’t have to make even more. One of the main environmental benefits of refrigerant reclamation is displacing virgin refrigerant production.

There are numerous emissions associated with manufacturing new refrigerants—greenhouse gas emissions, energy emissions from the power used during the process, and emissions from refrigerants leaking into the atmosphere.

Not only does reclamation offset the production of millions of pounds of virgin refrigerant, but it also prevents this virgin gas from potentially leaking into the atmosphere over the next decade, so you get double the savings.

A majority of refrigerants utilize imported components, so the reclamation process avoids fossil fuel emissions from overseas shipping, too. Practically speaking, using reclaimed refrigerant allows a building owner/operator to continue to use their equipment with the refrigerant it was designed to be run on, keeping it running optimally.

ATE Hudson Technologies

Reclamation offsets the production of millions of pounds of virgin refrigerant and also prevents the virgin gas from potentially leaking into the atmosphere over the next decade. Photo courtesy of Hudson Technologies

The vast majority of used refrigerants can be reclaimed to help save the environment. Hudson Technologies can reclaim refrigerants an unlimited amount of times with no inherent degradation to the refrigerant itself. Every time Hudson reuses refrigerant, we prevent a new pound of refrigerant from being manufactured.

Reclaimed refrigerants have low or zero global warming potential because of how they offset virgin production and the associated greenhouse gases from processes afterward. Hudson sees more and more clients asking specifically for reclaimed refrigerant and refusing non-certified reclaimed refrigerant to do their part in helping the environment. At the end of the day, the inherent environmental benefit of reclaimed refrigerant is net-positive and
a perfect alternative to virgin manufacturing.

ATE Hudson Technologies

Jonathan Stack, Director of Environmental Services, Hudson Technologies Company

Jonathan Stack is the director of environmental services at Hudson Technologies, the largest refrigerant reclaimer in North America. Hudson Technologies reclaims refrigerants in an effort to reduce the unintended release of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. The company stresses the importance of safely disposing refrigerants by recycling them, largely because of the large environmental impact associated with producing new virgin refrigerants. The reclamation process offsets greenhouse gases both from virgin production and the various procedures after manufacturing that have negative environmental impacts.

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