Installing REHAU windows can make any building more energy-efficient and comfortable. [Photo: Courtesy of REHAU]

REHAU’s modern window and door systems ensure high-performance building designs.

Windows change everything. Just think about it: A once-dark space becomes your craft studio or favorite reading nook. A room with previously obscured peeks of the great outdoors suddenly becomes a room with a view. You walk into a boardroom and are struck by a stunning city vista, and instantly that meeting isn’t so boring anymore.

Yes, windows can change everything—and no one understands that better than the team at REHAU, a global company that’s been leading the market in uPVC fenestration solutions for more than 60 years. Beyond what a window can do for a building’s structural integrity—which, with REHAU windows and doors, includes exceptional thermal and acoustical insulation, weather and forced-entry resistance, improved energy savings, and better sustainability—REHAU proves what an effect windows can have on a space.

Creative Freedom

With high-end, luxury product lines like GENEO and ÄSPEKT, REHAU provides the next generation of design solutions. “REHAU’s high-performance window systems allow architects to fulfill their traditional design intent with better results—better energy efficiency, better sustainability, and more comfort,” says Ralph Childs, REHAU commercial sales manager.


[Photo: Courtesy of REHAU]

But perhaps even more notably, REHAU provides these coveted building details in myriad design options, giving clients the opportunity to get creative through customization. “As designers of high-quality window and door systems and solutions, we offer custom profile shapes that allow our customers the ability to build aesthetically different, finished products while maintaining the same high quality, high performance, and identical functionality as our more standard designs,” says Randy Hoover, REHAU product development manager.

Customized window shapes range from round, half-round, and triangular to rake-top and ellipsoidal, while clients seeking to complement the exterior or interior palette of their home or building can select foil laminated windows in Mahogany, Golden Oak, or Douglas Fir wood patterns, for instance, or in warmer tones like Bronze, Silver or even Black. “Our color offerings consist of three main base profile colors—white, beige, and clay,” Hoover says. “When combined with REHAU’s standard array of foil laminates, the options are many, and should a customer choose to seek foil laminates beyond our standard ones, the options are essentially endless.”

At the core of its modern, European-innovated window systems, however, is REHAU’s proprietary uPVC formula, which allows for fusion-welded corners along with compression-seal technology, triple glazing, and multi-chamber frames—a combination that results in windows that are built to last. But REHAU is also known for its groundbreaking innovations like RAU-FIPRO®. The REHAU GENEO® window system is the first to use this fiber-composite material, and it is certified through the German standards for Passive House. RAU-FIPRO combines the strength and durability of fiberglass with uPVC’s zero-leakage design, bendability, and recyclability.


[Photo: Courtesy of REHAU]

A Modern Look

Beyond the structural superiority of REHAU’s window systems is the company’s dedication to designing solutions that increase comfort, improve natural lighting, and provide the ultimate viewing experience. Imagine uninterrupted floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing your majestic ocean views as you enjoy an early morning cup of coffee or entire walls of glass with artistically designed window configurations that frame the sparkling metropolitan skyline at night.

“A lot of thought and engineering goes into REHAU’s systems from day one,” Hoover says. “With our ÄSPEKT casement design, the ability to configure many larger openings within one perimeter frame provides our customers with many ways to create unique, multi-light designs to suit their needs. While with GENEO, we have the ability to build larger-than-normal windows and doors that benefit from the strength of our RAU-FIPRO material, allowing the larger sizes and making it possible to provide homebuyers with larger views.”

At REHAU, significant consideration is also given to comfort—especially making sure buildings are secure, relaxing, and quiet. Multiple locking points provide forced-entry resistance. A high-definition finish enhances weather resistance, reducing fading and wear, and makes for easy cleaning. And sound pollution is cut by 25% with REHAU’s systems-wide compression-seal and trple-
glazing technology.

But perhaps the greatest stereotype to debunk when it comes to vinyl windows is the lack of design options. Gone are the days of choosing from white, white, or white. REHAU’s high-performance systems are sleek, modern, and clean with thousands of options for colors, patterns, and configurations, allowing for optimal high-design customization and personalization. “Architects, builders, and developers are looking to change the traditional trend,” Childs says. “They’re looking for better building solutions, sustainable products that hold their value longer, new materials, countless colors, and configurations that meet their design intent—and that’s what REHAU stands for.


[Photo: Courtesy of REHAU]


Reimagine with REHAU

Design the home of your dreams with any one of REHAU’s modern, European-inspired window and door systems made with the company’s proprietary uPVC formula. Making this investment today means reaping the benefits for years to come within the comfort and serenity of your home.

Whether you opt for the GENEO or ÄSPEKT window system, you can rest assured you’ll be sealing the integrity of your home’s building envelope with these key elements:

  • Comfort. With REHAU, cut noise pollution by 25% without compromising thermal insulation so that no matter the time of year, you’re not only comfortable, temperature-wise, you’re also enjoying peace and quiet.
  • Creativity. Personalize your home with REHAU’s countless design options, from customized profile shapes to brilliant colors and patterns.
  • Sustainability. With fusion-welded corners, compression-seal technology, triple glazing capabilities, and multi-chamber frames and sashes, REHAU’s windows are built to last, increasing energy efficiency and improving your home’s building envelope.
  • Security. Appropriate hardware combined with multiple locking points ensures superior forced-entry resistance.
  • Worry-Free. Easy cleaning and maintenance are guaranteed with REHAU’s high-definition finish.

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