Story at a glance:

  • Sabai has released its Essential Sofa and Essential Sectional in three new colors.
  • The velvet material of the couches are made of 100% recycled water bottles.
  • The new couches are designed to look like one unified piece.

BIPOC-owned, sustainable furniture brand Sabai creates beautiful, affordable furniture that is both comfortable and environmentally friendly.

This year they released their Essential Sofa and Essential Sectional in three new colors—Dusty Rose, Seafoam, and Mustard—that were inspired by the world around them.

The innovative, sustainable furniture company was founded by Phantila Phataraprasit and Caitlin Ellen. These are a few of the design details that make the latest sofas special.

1. Color

sabai sofa sustainable furniture gbd magazine 03

Courtesy of Sabai

For the new colors, Phataraprasit and Ellen took an unconventional approach to make their final decisions; they took to Instagram to ask their followers for their opinions.

“We ultimately landed on Mustard, Seafoam, and Dusty Rose, which we hope keep your home filled with summer vibes all winter long,” Phataraprasit says.

“Staying home inspired us to dream of trips we’d love to take and the beauty that’s right at home. Whether it’s dreaming of scuba diving in Hawaii (Seafoam), the superbloom in California (Mustard), or the flowers that bloom in the cities we live in (Dusty Rose), the pandemic has been a great time for really coming to appreciate all that nature has to offer. We wanted to bring that home, especially as summer ends and we end up centering our lives around our living rooms.”

2. Recycled Velvet 

sabai sofa sustainable furniture gbd magazine 04

Courtesy of Sabai

The velvet that makes up the Essential Sofa and Sectional is made using 100% recycled water bottles.

This fine material is also stain-resistant and has zero off-gassing, so you don’t have to worry about any risky VOCs.

No water was needed to produce the velvet.

3. One Unified Piece


sabai sofa sustainable furniture gbd magazine 02

Sabai sofa. Courtesy of Sabai

Sabai’s sofas are designed as one solid piece—using a front rail and sofa back. Sabai is one of the only boxed sofa brands providing the option of a single bench cushion.

The made-to-order sofa and sectional are shipped directly to the consumer in two weeks and can be assembled in less than 10 minutes.