Story at a glance:

    • EcoBalanza has released a new furniture collection, the Essential collection.
    • The company focuses on creating handmade furniture that is 100% non-toxic from their Seattle studio.
    • The collection, similarly produced to the Couture collection, is sold at a lower price. 

Seattle furniture brand EcoBalanza has unveiled its new collection of furniture, the Essential collection, building upon its Couture collection and offering an affordable chair, ottoman, loveseat, sofa, and sectional.

The Essential collection is made using natural and 100% non-toxic materials.

“EcoBalanza is a mission-based company that individually handcrafts 100% non-toxic and sustainable bespoke upholstered furniture from scratch entirely in our Seattle Studio,” says Aimée Robinson, founder and master designer at EcoBalanza. “We are uncompromising in our use of the highest and purest quality natural, organic, sustainably harvested, and third-party-certified non-toxic materials in the world.” 

Expanded Offerings

ecobalanza lifestyle custom sectional

Custom sectional from EcoBalanza. Photo courtesy of EcoBalanza

EcoBalanza’s primary offerings, called the Couture Collection, are a series of intricate and infinitely customizable styles—but such detail and variability requires a high per-piece production cost.

To create a more affordable option, the company created its sustainable furniture line called the Essential Collection.

The pieces in the Essential collection are built with the same materials and craftsmanship of the Couture collection, but only go through upholstering one time, which lowers the cost of each piece.

“Essential pieces are made with the same materials and overall crafting practices as Couture pieces. They are offered at more affordable prices by hewing to a set of standard options by size and fabric. A few customizations are available for additional cost to make your Essential piece really your own.”

Sustainable Materials

ecobalanza hand tufting

EcobBalanza sofas are hand-tufted. Photo courtesy of EcoBalanza

EcoBalanza uses the purest materials they can find, including FSC-certified hardwood, GOLS-certified organic Dunlop latex, four types of GOTS-certified organic wools, hand-fluffed kapok, organic cotton batting, and organic and non-toxic certified upholstery fabrics.

Highly skilled, traditionally trained artisans combine a rich and practical understanding of those radical materials with careful, intentional, and heritage practices for multi-generational quality.

“By doing it all with their own hands and hearts they maintain strict control of all materials, practices, processes and the final product that will be in your home,” Robinson says.

Designed to Last

ecobalanza seattle furniture brand magnolia

Photo courtesy of EcoBalanza

In addition to sustainably-harvested non-toxic materials, another core aspect of sustainability is longevity.

“Furniture that uses lighter materials like MDF and polyester/petroleum-based foams and fills tends to be a lot cheaper, but it will also break down in your home often in just a few years,” Robinson says. “Ultimately, when it becomes structurally unusable, it will find its way to a landfill, where those toxic component materials will take centuries or longer to truly break down.”

EcoBalanza uses solid hardwood with complex, reinforced frame construction to craft furniture that will last for decades in your home with occasional reupholstery, and be worthy of handing down across generations.

“If an EcoBalanza piece does end up in the ground someday, its component materials will break down and contribute to the ecosystem in a natural, healthy way.”