This Earth Day and every day, Shaw Sports Turf is committed to innovation through environmentally friendly and sustainable means. This is evident in the vast array of natural and recycled products that the company offers and through the intentionality of these products’ purposes. Shaw Sports Turf’s state-of-the-art synthetic turf offers benefits such as water conservation and reduction of chemical use even before being paired with some of the company’s other eco-friendly performance pad and infill products.

The most recent environmentally friendly product from Shaw Sports Turf, NXTPlay pad, is designed to achieve superior performance through sustainability. This high-performance shock pad is created from recycled materials from old playing surfaces that would traditionally be discarded as waste. The patent-pending NXTPlay pad will help to ensure turf landfill avoidance of artificial turf at the end of its useful life.

Ultimately, NXTPlay is just one example of the way that Shaw Sports Turf aims to be “more than a field.” In 2020, the NXTPlay Performance Pad became the first Shaw turf product to be Cradle to Cradle Certified. This certification is a true testament to Shaw Sports Turf’s commitment to finding new innovative solutions while also providing next-level performance.

Shaw Sports Turf also offers two natural infill options as an alternative to the traditional rubber. Both of these infill options alleviate the concerns with questionable chemicals from any synthetic infill material. Neither will negatively affect the environment, subsequent users, or a landfill at the end of its life cycle.

Geofill is a soil-like infill that is a unique mix of coconut husks and fibers. It has been in use for more than 10 years, showing that it is a proven choice and since it is an all-natural alternative, it plays natural as well resulting in the perfect balance of Vertical Deformation, Rotational Resistance, and Energy Restitution.

NaturalPlay is another natural alternative turf infill designed to provide optimal performance with natural moisture. Since NaturalPlay can retain moisture longer than other infills, it provides a cooler surface naturally. NaturalPlay also touts excellent playability characteristics.

In 2019, the Arizona Diamondbacks installed Shaw Sports Turf’s B1K system because they were unable to grow natural grass in their stadium. Since this installation, there has been a 90% decrease in the amount of total water consumed and a significant amount of energy has been conserved. To go along with the brand new synthetic turf, the Diamondbacks chose to use Shaw Sports Turf’s Geofill infill.

Each of these things is a prime example of how Shaw Sports Turf continues to lead the industry in innovation, as well as research and development of sustainable and environmentally conscious products that provide exceptional performance and safety.